Here are the specific decisions you will make in quarter 2:

  1. Design one or two brands to appeal to each target segment, if you have not done so last quarter.
  2. Set the selling price of each brand.
  3. Design an advertisement for each brand.
  4. Schedule the ads in the media.
  5. Create a website and start up an Organic Search Engine Marketing campaign.
  6. Hire sales and service personnel.
  7. Open a new sales outlet for quarter 3 (optional).
  8. Set a compensation package for your employees.
  9. Schedule the production of your brands.
  10. Plan employee survey regarding system improvements.
  11. Schedule inspection of key components.
  12. Purchase market research.
  13. Run financial projections.
  14. Make sure your financial projections result in at least 300,000 in your cash account.

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