Project 1 – System Scan Report

This week, you will submit your first project, the System Scan Report. Your report should include the following: Introduction Target System Zenmap Scan OpenVAS Scan Open Socket Connection Recommendations References If you haven’t already done so last week: Follow the instructions to setup your Virtual Machine Hacking Lab. Download the System Scan Report Template and follow the instructions […]

Project 2 – Hacking Demonstration Video and Penetration Test Report

There are two deliverables due for Project 2. A video showing your exploitation, credential theft, and data exfiltration. A penetration test report that discusses the steps and actions in the video and how they are relevant to the client. The report also includes your recommendations for the client. Use Microsoft Stream to create the video. If you […]


Week 1 Assignment: Weekly Submission   Using the Weekly Assignment Submission Form 1. SP Concepts: Discuss how your team is organized and how work is divided between team members. 2. Textbook Concepts: Summarize your understanding of the following concepts found in the reading for the current week (do not use glossary definitions; write your own definitions from the reading). […]