CMIS 102 7380 Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design (2218)

The second assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the price of a theater ticket. Your program should prompt the user for the patron’s age and whether the movie is 3D. Children and seniors should receive a discounted price. There should be a surcharge for movies that are 3D. You should decide on the age cutoffs for children and seniors and the prices for the three different age groups. Be sure all these details are displayed clearly to the user initially. You should also decide on the amount of the surcharge for 3D movies. Your program should output the ticket price for the movie ticket based on the age entered and whether the movie is in 3D.

Your program should include the pseudocode used for your design in the comments. Document the values you chose for the age cutoffs for children and seniors, the prices for the three different age groups and the surcharge for 3D movies in your comments as well.

You are to submit your Python program as a file (.py) file. In addition, you are also to submit a test report in a Word document or a .pdf file with embedded images of the successful execution of your code and detailed documentation of your development processes. Do not submit individual image files in your assignment folder!

15% of your grade will be based on whether the comments in your program include properly formatted pseudocode and define the values of your constants, 70% on whether your program executes correctly on all test cases and 15% on the completeness of your test report.

Important note: It is advised that you read all of the material before attempting the assignment. Type in any examples given in the material. If you do not understand something reach out to the professor or UMGC tutor. It is not advised to seek help outside of the class. Many times outside material just confuses students more. It also can lead to academic integrity issues.