Writing Dissertation Abstract

Writing Dissertation Abstract is the most crucial thing of any dissertation. This is one of the first things that a reader sees after scanning through all of the pages and pages of text. It’s important to make it interesting, concise, and informative. The following article will provide you with some tips on how to write an effective dissertation abstract for your project.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a document in which the focus falls on your original research. A dissertation may consist of one or more chapters, each describing a single topic and containing all necessary data and information. To conduct your investigation, you should thoroughly review earlier works by other scientists who have published relevant papers on the same subject. You can find such publications not only in academic journals but also at university libraries.

The main goal is to offer new knowledge regarding a certain topic on which no previous study has ever been conducted before. It must be clearly stated what questions are being answered and what problems for science are solved during this research work.

Writing Dissertation Abstract

Writing Dissertation Abstract

Parts of a Dissertation

Every dissertation consists of the following parts:

Title page:

This usually contains the title of your dissertation, your name and student ID number, university or department issuing degree, year of issuing the degree.


A summary of results obtained in this investigation. It can be written in layman’s terms since it is for people unfamiliar with scientific terminology used by experts.


You express gratitude to all those who helped you in any way in preparing your dissertation.


This shows the books, journal articles, or other sources used to write your dissertation paper. In most cases, these references are from English language sources as citation style is different from that employed by Russian-language writers.


Here you describe the topic on which your research work focuses and tell what will be done in this dissertation.


You must explain how the research was conducted, from which sources you got your information, and any important details. The introduction of data is often the most difficult part because it requires effort to collect all relevant material.


Here you describe the results achieved during your research work, including tables, graphs (prepared using computer software), and summary conclusions drawn from gathered materials.


This chapter consists of a generalization using a classification or explanation of the main ideas obtained during this investigation.


The main purpose of this chapter is to give a final evaluation of the results obtained in your dissertation.


These are books, journal articles, or other sources used during your research work.


All the necessary documents like tables, graphs, and diagrams (prepared using computer software) and copies of notes taken during this investigation.

Writing Dissertation Abstract

As you know, your dissertation must contain an abstract. It is used to describe the main idea of your work and is written after all other chapters have been put together in final form. The purpose of writing a dissertation abstract is to provide a summary for everyone who reads it, providing them with enough information regarding what was done during this investigation. To understand that which follows, you need only include as much detail as needed to convey the essence of the investigation without burying your readers in technical jargon or extra details.

The size and structure of an abstract differ depending on whether your research work examined primary sources or secondary sources and how original this study was (i.e., how many times others have looked at this material).

Content of a Dissertation Abstract

The general rules for writing a dissertation abstract are the following:

The abstract should not exceed 100 words. The abstract must be structured into paragraphs, and these paragraphs must-have titles. It can, however, be divided into more than one paragraph if it is too long to fit in just one. In this case, each paragraph of your abstract has its title. The first and last sentences of an abstract must contain important information regarding the main idea of your work (without getting into details).

If you follow these simple rules, your abstract will provide sufficient information about what was done during this investigation and what have achieved results but without going into unnecessary detail so that the reader gets the gist of all that is followed by a reading of your essay.

Tips For Writing a Perfect Dissertation Abstract


As we just noted above, an abstract should not exceed 100 words in length. It can, however, be divided into more than one paragraph if it is too long to fit in just one.


An abstract must contain a brief description of the main idea of your work and (if necessary) plans that you have for further studies about this matter. Try to avoid writing any conclusions regarding your research. Results and findings obtained during this investigation are better presented using tables or graphs to attach to this part of your dissertation.


Do state the name of the dissertation/thesis and its title, place and year when it was submitted, and your name and position concerning this study.

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Writing Dissertation Abstract

Writing Dissertation Abstract

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