What article reviewers do is first learn how to evaluate the excellence of all kinds of academic work, then apply that evaluation skill to their scholarly writing. By doing that, they become better writers and scholars—and teach other scholars how to write better. When you review an article or a book manuscript for publication, your comments, suggestions, and recommendations for revision help the author make their work better. You do this not only because a better article or book will be more beneficial but also because you have made it so.

What is an Article Review?

An article review is an analysis and a critique of an existing article’s excellence. It should include your evaluation of the following:

—The article’s content, that is, the main ideas and their organization;

—How those ideas are supported by evidence or arguments;

—The success of other elements in carrying out the author’s purpose, such as their style, tone, and presentation.

An article review has a lot in common with any other kind of evaluation. But an article review is more specific and detailed than a simple evaluation because the evaluator also suggests improvements for the author’s consideration. You can imagine how helpful you will be if you have prepared yourself to pay careful attention to these three kinds of details in your writing, not only in this assignment but in every paper you write from now on.

Writing Article Reviews Help Scholars
Writing Article Reviews Help Scholars

How to Write a Good Article Review

To write a good article review, you will need to follow the same principles that are required of any evaluator:

—Be specific. To lighten your assignment, you may generalize rather than be precise or detailed; but writing in this way will not help the author improve their work. Instead, identify what is wrong and suggest how it might be fixed.

—Be sensitive to the author’s purpose. The author of an article is not always telling a story like someone who writes fiction or a narrative essay. Their object may be less precise than what you find in such writing because their primary aim is to present information or opinion about some subject. Your job, then, is to discover what that subject is and how the article accomplishes its purpose.

—Be honest about your own biases. As you read an article, you may find yourself agreeing with some of it or objecting to other parts of it; such a response would be natural and proper. But for your review to be helpful to the author, you must identify your biases and explain why they influence or affect your evaluation of their work.

—Be respectful of the author’s authority and expertise. If an article has an authoritative voice, as is often true of scholarly writing, then respect it even more by giving careful attention to its form and content. And if you find some aspects of the article less skillfully done than others, your review should point that out respectfully. After all, if an author sets aside time and thought to share their expertise with you and other readers, it is only fair to return the favor by showing them how much you value their work.

—Give constructive suggestions for improving the work. This is where your instruction in writing will come into play. If you are asked to comment on how an article can be improved, you should give suggestions that identify gaps or weaknesses and then offer ways to fill them. You might improve a rhetorical problem by making one of the following modifications:

When Should You Write an Article Review?

Why would you want to write an article review? One reason is that your English teacher has asked you to do it. Another reason might be that a friend or colleague has written an article and needs someone to read it over and give them feedback for the author to make the writing better. In either case, after you have done your essay, you won’t find it such a complete chore. And if you make some suggestions for improvement, the author will get help from your review to make their article better for themselves and the world.

Your job, then, in an article review is to give a thorough evaluation of the work. You will need to answer these three questions:

1) Who is the author?

This means that your evaluator should write a paragraph identifying the author and some of their credentials or other credentials. They may be one or more of these things: an expert in the field, a professional writer or editor, someone who has won awards for their writing or editing skills. Most article reviews identify the author by citing the name and title of the paper they are reviewing. Just be sure that if there is more than one person’s name on the article, you know which names to cite as the author or authors.

2) Who are the readers?

If there is a particular audience that the article is aimed at, this needs to be made known in the introduction paragraph of your evaluator. The author often has an “audience” in mind when writing their articles, but some writers try to inform and educate readers, even if they are not a part of this specific “audience”.

3) What is the purpose?

Sometimes it may be evident from the start what the article’s purpose or intentions are, but often it is not. In your evaluator, you need to state clearly what you think the author’s primary intent or purposes were in writing the article. You may have to read between the lines of what is said to try to understand the writer’s purpose or purposes.

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