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What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a report on the findings of an individual or group. It functions as a written argument, and it also should be formatted in accordance with academic standards like APA. The initial step to creating a research paper involves coming up with an idea and developing your topic statement, which is usually found at the end of the introduction paragraph. You then need to do some background reading for that field or area before you can start writing. Your thesis statement will likely change several times throughout this process until you finally come up with one that works!

What is the Purpose of a Research Paper?

Research papers can be used for many purposes, one being to show the results of your research. You may also use it as an argumentative essay to persuade someone or offer a critique.

A Research Paper is different from most other types of writing because you are not just stating what you think; instead, you need to provide evidence that proves your point. This type of paper should contain citations and footnotes at least every fifth sentence, so readers know where they came from and how credible the information is – this shows them that you have done the work!

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How do I Get Research Paper Writing Help?

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Components of an Excellent Research Paper


The abstract is a short paragraph that summarizes the main ideas of your paper. It should be one or two paragraphs long and will usually contain three to five sentences.


The introduction provides an overview of what you will talk about in your research paper and why people need to read this information (your thesis statement). This section also often includes background on current knowledge in the field, which can help readers understand how your work builds upon existing knowledge.

Literature review

The literature review discusses how you evaluate the current research on your topic. It’s important to provide an overview of all previous work and make sure that readers can find this information later by using footnotes or endnotes.


Research methods are used for experimental, qualitative, quantitative studies and surveys as part of the body section. Methods should be explained clearly so other researchers will know how to replicate your findings accurately – it also helps them understand what they’re reading. This section may come before the results after background knowledge about the study area has been provided, or both!


The main point of presenting data from a survey or experiment is making claims based on those numbers; these observations are backed up with evidence. It’s important to present the findings neutrally, as you are not arguing for or against anything in this part of the paper!


In the discussion section, it’s time to return to your thesis statement and expand upon what has been presented so far (i.e., how does this work contribute?). The logic behind why you reached that conclusion should also be laid out here – readers need a reason other than “because.”


This is where you provide an overview of what was discussed throughout the body of the text. Also include implications and possible areas for future research if applicable before tying everything back into your thesis statement at the end.


The appendix can contain supplemental material such as information on methodology, a glossary of terms, and supplementary data tables.


The references section should have all the sources you quoted in your paper but did not provide a page number for – this is so readers can find them later if they want to.

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