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What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure defines the scope, objective, or goal of a project. The Work Breakdown Structure has elements such as the Work Package, Responsibility, Duration, and Cost for each element of the project’s hierarchy. You can use a WBS to define tasks based on their nature and visibility within an organization.

Types of Work Breakdown Structures

Deliverable Based Work Breakdown Structure:

It’s prepared as per the deliverable approach. It is used to decompose deliverables into smaller chunks of work products. Work packages are further divided into tasks that are assigned to the team members. The WBS should be in context with other WBSs, and it should utilize a hierarchical system to represent information and its associated data analysis requirements.

Phase-Based Work Breakdown Structure:

It is used to prepare the WBS for a specific phase of work. The scope is decomposed into phases or activities, and each one is further decomposed as per its nature. It’s a hierarchical structure with the project deliverables at the top, followed by phases/activities/sub-activities and tasks/components.

Availability Driven Work Breakdown Structure:

This type of WBS provides all information about resource availability throughout the life cycles so that it can be managed throughout the project development process. The structure also gives a clear idea about what needs to be done during which time period and who will do it. It shows risks in terms of resource allocations. The key drivers are “time” and “availability” for each component.

The WBS provides an overview of the project and is useful in communicating project objectives to stakeholders. The WBS helps management track progress towards achieving project goals. It helps provide a snapshot of the project’s current status at any point over time, as it can be easily updated as changes occur.

Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help

Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help

How to Make a Work Breakdown Structure?

Gather critical documents:

Figure out and gather various documents that might help you in preparing a work breakdown structure.

Identify key team members:

Decide on the number and nature of teams that will be required to create the products.

Identify project phases:

Identify the different phases involved in completing your project.

Breakdown each phase into tasks:

Identify all the tasks required to complete your project’s various phases.

Create a Gantt chart:

Create a Gantt chart using the tasks you identified earlier. You can use a Gantt chart to track your project’s progress.

Create a task-oriented breakdown structure :

Use this in conjunction with other WBSs to create a complete picture of your entire project. This allows you to see how smaller parts interrelate with the final deliverable and sets of deliverables associated with each phase, activity, or sub-activity in the WBS.

Assign owners for each task:

Choose one or more individuals to complete each task. Decide whether you will need a supervisor, co-worker, or someone else to assist with completing each task.

Ensure flexibility:

Particular care must be taken when creating items that are time-bound or resource-based. These must be broken down so that changes can occur without affecting the rest of the plan

Benefits of Using Work Breakdown Structure

It is a visual representation that provides an idea about how complex your projects may be. A simple method to decompose any large-scale project into small manageable pieces Helps you to break down work into smaller parts so that your team members can get involved in accomplishing their assigned responsibilities. Outsources all non-value added activities that arise from internal complexity

Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help

The Work Breakdown Structure is the foundation to achieve success for your project. The assigned team should have an efficient working of how they plan to complete their responsibilities and tasks and what resources will be needed (including equipment, tools, skills, or persons), and it clears out all doubts that the client may have. Our experts at are here to help you with any Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help services so that you can make a mark in the business world. Order Now!

Challenges Students Face in their Work Breakdown Assignments

Lack of guidelines:

The most common reason for a student losing interest in their assignments is the lack of guidelines. There are no set procedures or instructions to complete the task after completing the initial research and literature survey. This makes students confused about what’s next, and they usually run in a different direction with an incomplete project.

Assignments that need extra efforts:

Students also find it difficult to stay motivated if their assignments are not challenging enough or have been done by other students before them. These tasks can be frustrating because it seems like nothing new has been learned over time. This makes students lose focus on their goal, learning to better themselves and their prospects.

Students with zero interest in your project:

Since projects and assignments are worth a significant portion of students’ course grades, students think about ways to avoid the project or lack interest. Students who find their projects boring tend to have low morale and lose focus on the project. Such students may try to look for other sources to gain more knowledge to help them do good on their assignments.

Lack of resources:

Students come across many hurdles, especially if they don’t have the necessary resources or equipment needed to complete their project. This can sabotage the entire work breakdown structure and make students resort to other sources for help.

Inability to meet deadlines:

It can be quite frustrating to work on assignments when you don’t have enough time or if deadlines are too short. Many students find it difficult to meet the deadline without even trying because they are already stressed that they will not get good grades.

Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help

Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Help

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