Tort Law Assignment Help

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What is Tort Law?

Tort Law is a term referring to the law that deals with damages caused by wrongful acts. These can include intentional torts, strict liability wrongs, and economic or property loss. The most common examples of Tort Law are personal injury cases such as car wrecks, slip & falls, dog bites, etc. Still, they also encompass professional malpractice (such as doctors), defamation/libel, invasion of privacy, and more. Anything, where one person has done something to harm another can be considered tortious!

What does Tort Law do?

The goal of this branch of law is twofold: firstly, it wants to make injured people whole again through compensation for their injuries; secondly, it aims at deterring others from committing similar wrongful acts.

Do I need Tort Law Assignment Help?

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Tort Law Assignment Help

Tort Law Assignment Help

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Torts Covered in Our Tort Law Assignment Help

Intentional torts:

This includes assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

Strict liability torts:

This covers product defects (such as cars with defective brakes or other safety devices), strict duties of care, and the imposition of a duty to warn people about hazards in their environment that are not ordinarily seen.


Negligence is an unreasonable failure to act – or lack thereof when it would have been reasonable for you to do so under the circumstances at hand. It’s used in both tortious cases where someone has done something wrong against another person as well as contractual cases (e.g., breach-of-contract). The purpose behind negligence is also twofold: firstly, there needs to be some form of damage caused by such negligence. Secondly, the person committing it needs to have had a duty of care.

Products liability:

This is an area of law that deals with products and how they are manufactured/produced. If some product injured you, there might be grounds for a case against the manufacturer!

Medical malpractice:

Medical negligence can include medical errors such as misdiagnosis (misdiagnosing cancer), surgical errors, etc., which all lead to injury in one form or another. Both parties must follow the standard of care with these cases – making sure doctors exercise reasonable competency when diagnosing patients and performing surgeries without any mistakes being made during the said operation. It also includes failing to provide adequate informed consent.

Professional negligence:

This is when a professional fails to provide the needed service adequately. For example, if you hire someone as your lawyer and don’t file necessary paperwork on time or at all, that could be grounds for a lawsuit against them!


Libeling another person means making false statements about them, including slander (verbal defamation) or libel (written defamatory material). The truth of what has been said does not matter; if it’s hurtful enough and likely to affect their reputation with others who hear it negatively, it can qualify under this law. It must also have some publication- otherwise known as distribution via mass media like TV channels, newspapers, magazines, and other media types.

Tips to Perform Well in Tort Law Assignment

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To understand the requirements of a law assignment, then make sure you read through it carefully and don’t forget to ask for additional help if necessary!

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Tort Law Assignment Help

Tort Law Assignment Help

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