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What is STATA?

STATA is a statistical analysis software package used to analyze data from many different fields. It has been around since 1986, and many features that make STATA the number one choice for statisticians and analysts alike!

It can carry out standard statistical analyses. It also has a graphical interface which makes it easy to use for first-time users. It’s easier to learn than ArcView or IDRISI, comparable in difficulty to SPSS but very different from all three. If you’re looking at using GIS to aid geographical research and not just data analysis, this may be the package for you.

What can you do with STATA?

-Statistical Analysis

-Data Interpretation

-Table of Contents


-Trend Lines -Linear Regression

-Regional Analysis -Maps and Charts

Advantages of STATA

-It helps in the analysis of complex statistical models

-It’s the most preferred software in Business schools and econometrics

-It has a precise cost-benefit ratio as it is free. It works on any operating system with minimal resource requirements.  It is compatible with Minitab, Eviews, and SAS interfaces. All these programs can be integrated seamlessly into STATA, which helps analyze more complex regression techniques, forecasting, and survival analyses.

Features of STATA

The most salient features of STATA are:

 Seamless Interfaces

These are bundled with each package to ensure no compatibility issues when switching between packages—Minitab, Eviews, and SAS.

Data management

The data editor allows for output as it works on a ‘what you see is what you get the principle. The data file can also be converted into ASCII format if unavailable in eXternal Statistical Package Input Formation (XSPIF).

 Output Management

The graphical output is easily generated with the ‘graph’ command, where pictorial representation and statistical summaries of the data are displayed on the screen. Graphical user interfaces/tools like histogram, scatter-plot, etc., save time while performing probability calculations which can later be incorporated into tables for further analysis.

Analysis tools

STATA has advanced regression capability, allowing for simultaneous equations estimation from individual-level models to macroeconomic issues like exchange rate determination.


STATA can be installed on Windows-based systems and later ported to UNIX, Mac OSX, or LINUX using a simple ‘copy’ command.

Well-documented manual

The STATA manual is vast but well designed and laid out in a manner that helps beginners get acquainted quickly with the software.

Customer support

STATA package has been constantly upgraded to keep pace with new developments by adding more commands and features available free of cost. The ‘help’ command is one such feature that guides you about the syntax of a specific command or function.


STATA can be used to analyze data from both categorical and continuous variables, cross sectional, time series, etc. It allows users to do advanced statistical computations and regression analysis, survival analysis, and forecasting techniques using linear and non-linear models. This makes it an extremely versatile program beneficial for learning applications like econometrics, where modules are based on regression analysis and forecasting techniques.

Centralized database management

STATA allows users to manipulate stored data for which a separate ‘database’ is available in the software. These databases can be shared with other analysts so that information can be retrieved upon request of another analyst by using the online Help function. The ‘DB close’ command ensures the integrity of the stored data from being corrupted or tampered with during an in-between session, especially when you have multiple windows opened at one time.

Data communication facility

Apart from converting ASCII data files into STATA format, it has built-in routines to communicate directly with other statistical packages like SAS, SPSS, etc., and vice versa.  The merge file commands ensure that data can be manipulated seamlessly from one program to the other.

What is STATA Assignment Help?

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STATA Assignment Help

STATA Assignment Help

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