Qualitative Research Writing

Qualitative research writing is important for a number of reasons. It can provide insight into what your customers are thinking and feeling, it can be used to test new products or services, and it can help you make decisions about changes that need to be made in your business. Writing qualitative research isn’t always easy, though. Luckily this blog post will give you some tips on how you can do this successfully!

 What is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is a type of market research that focuses on the thoughts and feelings of customers. Unlike quantitative research, which generally surveys customer opinions or preferences, qualitative research tries to get into more detail about their experiences with your product or service.

This can be done by interviewing people who have interacted with you in some way (like current customers), going out onto social media sites and reading reviews, or even having someone walk around your location as if they were a new potential customer looking for an experience similar to yours.

Qualitative Research Writing

Qualitative Research Writing

The Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

One of the biggest differences between these two types of market research is who carries out the interviews – for quantitative. It’s usually the company itself or another third party, while with qualitative, it’s always conducted by an outside source.

Another difference has to do with the information acquired from the interviews themselves. In a quantitative interview, the focus is on gathering statistics and data about your product or service, along with information about consumer demographics (age range of customers).

Quantitative research is also focused on testing opinions. For example, if you were selling computers to business customers, you could ask consumers how confident they are when purchasing from your company. The goal here would be to compare their answers with those from other companies that sell similar products like yours. When talking about qualitative market research, the goal is not necessarily to test opinions so much as it is to get a sense of what’s going on in someone’s mind during their interaction with your business or experience with your product or service – a kind of “real world” look.

Coursework That Needs Qualitative Research Writing

Case study:

As a business student, this is going to be one of your main focuses. Business cases are all about describing the situation and the problem in detail, then offering solutions. Each case will include specific questions for you to answer, and you’ll need to provide a detailed description of each part – just like qualitative research!


If you are studying psychology or sociology, you’ll likely be learning about phenomenology. Phenomenology is a branch of philosophy that studies the world as it appears to someone experiencing it, which qualitative research does! It’s all about experiences and how they are perceived by someone else.

Grounded theory:

Sociologists and anthropologists will likely also be looking at grounded theory. Grounded theory is part of qualitative research, too but in a slightly different way. Instead of talking about your experiences, it looks at the experiences other people have had (with your business or while they are engaging with your product/service). So if you’re going into one of these disciplines after college, the chances are high that you’ll need to know how to conduct highly detailed interviews as well.


Ethnography is a branch of qualitative research that looks at the world through someone else’s eyes. It attempts to place us into the mind and experience of another person, so we can better understand how they are processing our world (along with our interactions with them). While ethnography has no direct relationship with business, it’s worth pointing out what this specific type of research does to show you just how closely related marketing is to these other disciplines!

Discourse analysis:

Business students will also likely spend time studying discourse analysis while in school. Discourse is essentially how people communicate with one another – their tone, what they say, and how they say it. Businesses are interested in looking at this communication and how consumers are evaluating them based on that communication.

Tips For an Excellent Qualitative Research Writing

  • Make sure your interviewee is a good fit for the project. This can mean different things depending on what stage you are in, but generally, it means making sure they understand what’s happening and that you have an open line of communication between them and yourself.
  • Be very detailed when reporting insights from interviews as well as field observations. Take notes during the session if possible, so you don’t forget anything! Then go back to those notes often while writing up the final report.
  • To make it easier, always start with some interesting quotes or facts about your business or product/service to get readers interested right away. People want to know why this market research is important – getting their interest early will help keep it throughout the entire report.
  • Qualitative research reports should be written in the first person and present the results as if they are being spoken to or told by a friend. In other words, it should be written with a casual tone that will make your interviewee feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences with you.
  • Look at the report from your client’s perspective – would you want to read what you’re writing? If not, fix it until it is something you’d like to see. This rule applies to almost any kind of paper, especially those in business fields: without readers, there is no point!

Why Do Students Need Qualitative Research Writing Help?

While it’s true that these papers are not difficult to write, students still need help with qualitative homework. They are often not familiar with the concept itself and how you can use it for certain research or marketing projects. People will face many difficulties when writing a qualitative paper as they might get confused about its topic selection or even assignment structure. Using this technique, some students may also feel that their topics are too complex to be explained well.

Some students face challenges because they are unsure how to relate different objects together and make them look comprehensive and interesting.  Also, to win an excellent grade which otherwise would have been impossible without the helping hand of expert online tutors.

Qualitative Research Writing

Qualitative Research Writing

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