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Project management is the process of controlling a project from its initiation to its closure; Project Management Assignment Help covers all aspects of Project Management. Project managers are responsible for initiating appropriate resources on time, motivating and managing them to accomplish the established Project Management tasks as per the Project Plan, within budget and with the required quality.

What Is Project Management?

It is applying knowledge, skills and experience to a Project; therefore, ensuring it is completed successfully. It manages the project from its initiation until its closure.  It covers all aspects of Project management, including initiating practical resources on time, motivating these resources to accomplish the established tasks as per the Project Plan.

Project management is vital for the smooth implementation of a project from initiation to closure, as a project can get derailed if management is handled poorly.

What Is a Project Management Life Cycle?

The Project Life Cycle comprises; Identification phase, Planning phase, Execution and the Close-out or Closing phase. The objective of each of these Project phases is to ensure a successful outcome from inception to completion. Traditional Project Life Cycle Model could be best applied when there’s Project much time, resources and no major Project obstacles. The five phases of the project life cycle Model include:

1) Project Initiation:

Project Initiation is the first step where a Project Manager prepares an outline of the project by conducting preliminary studies, surveys, questionnaires, market research etc. The purpose of this phase is to correctly identify the need for Project-based on the client’s requirements.

2) Planning:

This phase involves the initiation and preparation of a Project Plan. A Project plan includes detailed resources, time and cost estimates, along with a project schedule and proposal. It also describes what will happen at various stages of the project, identifies risks, pitfalls and problems that might occur in the course of Project work.

3) Execution:

After preparing a Project Management Plan, work is carried out according to it. During this phase, all activities are monitored closely by the project manager, and any deviations in Project tasks should be corrected immediately. The success successor failure of a Project could depend on how well this phase is handled.

4) Close-Out:

This step involves termination of the project, compilation of reports and completion of all the documentation.

5) Evaluation:

After completing and closing out a Project, the evaluation phase is carried out. It helps to assess if the objectives/goals set forth have been achieved.

Project Management Assignment Help

Project Management Assignment Help

Popular Topics We Cover in Project Management:

Stakeholder management

Stakeholders are those individuals or groups that have an interest in the Project, Product or service. It is essential to understand and recognize that Project stakeholders may be an internal non-Project group such as the Human Resources department, external parties like suppliers, customers etc.

Communication Management

Project team communication plays a vital role in the successful completion of a Project. Effective communication means keeping stakeholders informed and aware at all stages of a Project. A well-defined Project Communication Management Plan will help to keep everyone updated on their respective functions and responsibilities in the project and related activities.

Project Management Software

A project management software package collects various project management tools designed to meet the Project Manager’s specific needs as they manage their project. It may include capabilities for project time reporting, project schedule creation, project cost tracking, risk and issue management, communication, coordination, and other essential project management functions.

Risk Management

A project risk management plan is essential for assuring project success.  And a project can be at risk if the project team and project stakeholders do not work together to identify risks, develop plans for mitigating Project risks. They should also monitor risks as they occur and control continued efforts towards completing the project.

Human Resource Management

It is the process of ensuring project success by managing project team members. The project manager should ensure that project teams are established, managed and held accountable for producing usable results according to the project requirements/goals and within its constraints.

Performance Management

It includes project performance reporting, project performance measurement and project performance appraisal.  The project manager will identify project lessons learned and new techniques for project activities through project performance management. They can apply this activity to subsequent projects.

How is the Project Management Helpful Triangle?

The project management triangle is where the three dimensions of Project management are incorporated into a single entity. The Project manager needs to maintain balance among all of them while making decisions related to Project tasks, time and cost.

The four sides that make up this Project triangle are Project scope, schedule, costs and quality. Determining the priority of the project triangle is a vital part of project management, as goals can’t be achieved if one side is given higher priority than the other two.

Types of Methodologies of Project Management Helpful in Completing Assignment Project

Methods of Project Management can be divided into two categories – Top-Down Approach and Bottom-Up Approach.

The top-down approach involves high-level planning such as preparation and identifying the need, conducting a feasibility study, determining resources and cost etc. In the bottom-up approach, work is carried out from Project Unit,  Work Breakdown Structure (Project WBS) to Project milestones.

In between both of these approaches, Project Management utilizes other smaller methodologies such as PERT, Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Network Diagramming Method (PNDM) etc.

Project Management Assignment Help

Project Management Assignment Help

How are Project Management Assignments Useful for Project Managers?

Project management assignments help project managers understand tools and techniques such as preparing management plans, coordinating project-related activities like time reporting, etc.  The project manager can also learn the importance of effective communication between team members and project stakeholders.

Project Management assignments are also helpful for team members because they will need to understand project management techniques to coordinate and develop their projects. It has been observed that project members who have had related experience or training showcase better performance.

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