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What is Taxation?

Tax is a mandatory payment or contribution imposed on people’s income, wealth, or property. It is usually used to fund state functions such as education and health care. Taxes are considered compulsory because you aren’t free to choose whether you will pay them or not. Taxation can be direct or indirect. In indirect taxation, no cash changes hands when goods or services are purchased; for example, sales tax, customs duties, fuel taxes, etc., whereas indirect taxation, everyone pays an amount directly to the Government, e.g., Income Tax, Payroll Tax.

It means that if any person is doing business from wherever they earn a profit, they have to pay some percentage of their profit to the government as tax. Usually, all the taxes are divided into two categories: Direct Tax and Indirect Tax.

Why Do Students Learn About Taxation?

Taxation is a compulsory subject in many schools, universities, and colleges. It is also an important topic which most people have to deal with in their life. So it becomes necessary for students to learn about taxation while studying. After completing their graduation or post-graduation, they can understand basic rules and regulations governing taxation policy in any country or state wherever they are living or working.

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Online Taxation Assignment Help
Online Taxation Assignment Help

What Do You Learn In This Course About Taxation?

This course on taxation will cover all aspects of this subject in detail, and you will gain a thorough understanding of the basic principles governing different types of taxes. You will also get practical knowledge of how it is applied in real-life situations through various activities like case studies, projects, videos, etc. You can easily grasp the concepts. This course is divided into ten chapters designed to help you identify an individual or corporate tax liabilities of a company or an organization & provides information about tax policies for minimizing taxes through legal means.

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Taxation is a compulsory subject to learn, but many students find it hard or boring to learn it in depth. So, most students fear that they won’t do justice with taxation coursework, and their careers will become at stake.

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Types of Tax Policies Covered in Our Online Taxation Assignment Help

Consumption tax:

A consumption tax is a broad tax category that is levied on the final consumer spending for goods and services. It is a commonly levied federal, state, or local government tax. A specific type of consumption tax is an excise tax which may be levied on the sale of goods.

Progressive tax:

A progressive tax is a method of taxation in which more income is earned. The higher is the rate of taxation. It provides a lesser tax break to lower-income earners and higher tax breaks to higher-income earners.

Regressive tax:

A regressive tax is the opposite of proportional or progressive taxation. It provides a lower percentage of tax for higher-income earners than those who earn less but hence, lower-income earners can pay a higher dollar amount in taxes.

Proportional Tax:

In this type of tax system, all taxpayers are taxed according to their share of total earnings, which enjoys equal treatment under the law, and no one pays more tax than another.

Taxable Income:

Any income from whatever source derived which is liable to taxation under income-tax laws is called ‘taxable income.’ The words ‘taxable’ and ‘non-taxable’ refer to income and expenditure, and exemptions. A basic rule under any income tax law is that all income must be included in the total taxable income except those specifically exempted.

Property tax:

A property tax is an ad valorem tax directly levied on the value of the property. It may be imposed at the national, state, or local government level, and it is based on an assessment of the value of the taxable property.

Value Added Tax:

A value-added tax is a multi-stage consumption tax charged on the supply of goods and services. It is levied when value is added at each stage, i.e., from manufacturer to wholesale, wholesaler to retailer, and retailer to customer.


Taxes are levied on specific goods and services to raise revenue. These are dubbed indirect taxes as they are recorded in business accounts and the cost of production, but paid directly by consumers who use the goods or services (in contrast to direct taxes that individuals pay directly to the government). Excise taxes may be defined as indirect taxes where the tax base is the manufacture or production of a product rather than its sale or purchase.

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Online Taxation Assignment Help
Online Taxation Assignment Help

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