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What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a written document that analyzes any data or research findings to provide an overview of current thought concerning a particular topic. In many cases, the process involves summarizing pertinent information and providing examples so that readers can understand the concept at hand. This review gives an overview of what is known about the topic and helps researchers to determine whether they should carry out further research. In academic circles, when it comes to writing for school or graduate school, you will most likely need to complete a literature review as part of your assignment.

Importance of a Literature Review

A literature review serves a number of important purposes. For one, it provides an overview of concepts related to the topic at hand and helps readers to understand how different researchers have approached the issue. In some cases, you may need to write a history of research to demonstrate your understanding of the area or provide a brief overview for people who are just learning about it. When used as part of a doctoral study or dissertation, writing a literature review will help you identify gaps in knowledge and possible directions for future research.

Literature Review Homework Help
Literature Review Homework Help

Steps involved in Writing a Literature Review

Carrying out literature search:

You will need to find and read all the published works on your chosen topic for a literature review. To do so, you can use the information available in books and articles in journals, newspapers, magazines, reports of government bodies, and other publications related to your area of interest. Before you start this process, it’s good to identify a few key pieces of work that helped shape or define the field. These may be academic papers or popular pieces written for public consumption by authors who have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the subject matter at hand. You can also find these titles through databases like Web of Science or PubMed.

Finding additional materials:

Once you have found relevant studies during your search, skim through them to see other relevant studies in the reference list or footnotes that you may have missed while carrying out the initial search. In addition, it’s helpful to find out what research is currently underway by reviewing published proposals and conducting interviews with researchers at various stages of their careers.

Analyzing collected data:

When you’ve completed your literature review writing for school or graduate school, go through all of your collected materials again and arrange them in some order—chronological, hierarchical or topical. Often, experts will place material into categories that reflect a particular point of view on a subject. These can be particularly useful when evaluating whether past researchers have adequately addressed questions. Also, make sure to include any gaps in research and white spaces where further work is needed. If you are working on a dissertation, make sure to address future directions for your research.

Review and analysis:

For many students, writing a literature review also involves a critical review of the material currently available in published studies. In some cases, this may involve going back to sources or even carrying out new research to fill gaps in knowledge for which no information has been provided. Analysis is key here, and evaluating whether your analysis supports previous findings can be as important as presenting new data that challenge current understanding with regard to the topic at hand. Discuss errors and omissions in previous work and provide suggestions where additional areas of study might be useful.

Analysis leads to recommendation:

Finally, once you have carried out your research, you have to present your findings in a most useful manner for your students. Your analysis may lead you to some recommendations—for example, that there is clearly insufficient information about the topic at hand and that more work needs to be done because the effects of this are analysis. Consider how you will present your findings.

How to Write a Literature Review?

It’s hard enough writing whatever type of essay you’re assigned, but when you’re also trying to create an original work from scratch, it can be even more daunting than usual. The best thing that you can do is to use an appropriate format. Good literature review essays should be well organized and have a clear structure, with conclusions relevant to the information presented throughout the text.

Writing a Literature Review – Thesis Statement

The first step to writing a good literature review essay is to identify your thesis statement. This is typically going to take the form of an argument or a question which your paper as a whole will answer. By doing this, you’ll already have some ideas on what data you need and how it will work within the composition as a whole. The thesis statement provides direction for what you’re going to write, so make sure that it’s reasonable and achievable before continuing with anything else in the literature review essay.

Writing a Literature Review – The Introduction

The introduction should expand on your thesis statement and tell the reader why it’s important to have this information. A good approach would be to briefly explain what you’re going to write about and then use examples from previously published work (or your research) to support it. Part of this will include discussing the methodology involved with your preferences outlined here so that readers know how reliable the data is. You can also discuss other similar studies that led up to everything written about the topic at hand or offer an overview of what has been said in previous writings concerning your subject matter.

For most students, writing their first few literature reviews can seem like quite a daunting task. However, with a little bit of planning and some prior research into the subject matter, you should be able to complete your assignment without too much fuss.

Literature Review Homework Help
Literature Review Homework Help

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