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IBM is one of the world’s largest information technology companies. They offer a wide range of hardware, software, and services for businesses throughout the globe. Since its founding in 1911, IBM has become the global provider of high-performance computing hardware. As CEO of IBM, Virginia Rometty boasts that her company is “smarter on every level than any other form of technology currently available.” Over the years, the company shifted its focus from hardware to software and services. IBM Watson, a cognitive system, has become the company’s high-visibility offering in the latter technology segment. At assignmentsguru We know that you’re busy and must get your assignments done fast. That’s why we offer a premium quality assignment writing service. Our experts can help you get your assignments done fast and efficiently.

Leading IBM assignment help
Leading IBM assignment help

IBM, while still a major IT player, has lost the dominance it enjoyed during the mainframe era. The company, as of October 2016, had seen 18 consecutive quarters of revenue declines amid its transition into new technologies and lines of business. IBM had a 2015 revenue of $81.7 billion compared with $106.9 billion in 2011

IBM products and services

Server hardware

Five decades since the launch of the IBM System/360, the company continues to sell mainframe-class computers. IBM positions its z Systems product line as enterprise infrastructure for its customers’ cognitive business. In the z Series, IBM targets a variety of solutions for its customers. From analytics to blockchain to DevOps, they have a wide range of products that can be ordered from them.

Meanwhile, the company aims its Power Systems enterprise servers toward big data and analytics applications. Power Systems run IBM’s AIX and IBM i OSes as well as Linux. In another nod to open source, IBM introduced its LinuxONE system as a hardware platform.


IBM offers a variety of hardware including systems that can reduce storage costs, store data safely & securely, use high-speed networks to deliver data to end users, and provide much-needed features when processing voluminous amounts of content.. “The company” is expanding its enterprise cloud computing suite with software-defined storage and object storage technology.


IBM offers a wide range of software from analytics offerings such as IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM SPSS, IBM Maximo Asset Management and DB2.Many of IBM’s products in this field came through acquisition: The company purchased Maximo in 2006, Cognos in 2008 and SPSS in 2009.

IBM also provides IT infrastructure software, with WebSphere Application Server and MQ being some of its bestselling offerings. {Link the key aspects of a specific product with a string of text.}

The company’s software lineup in the mobile and social space includes the IBM Verse business email offering and the IBM Notes collaboration product. In addition, IBM’s security software includes MaaS360 for mobile device security and IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform,a security information and event management platform

IBM customers may acquire software licenses through Passport Advantage, the company’s licensing program for larger enterprises, or Passport Advantage Express, a program designed for medium-sized businesses. Fix Central, meanwhile, is an element of IBM support that provides fixes and updates for IBM customers’ software and operating systems. Fix Central provides hardware support, as well.


IBM’s service units include Global Business Services, which houses Big Blue’s management consulting operations, and Global Technology Services, which provides mobility, networking, business continuity and outsourcing, among other services. Like other large IT services providers, in recent years, IBM has moved to purchase companies offering cloud consulting and implementation services. In 2016, for example,IBM purchased Bluewolf, which was folded into their Interactive Experience practice. They’ve also acquired Meteorix and Workday in the past two years and plan to continue to keep adding more firms.


IBM’s SmartCloud software and services offering got off the ground in 2011. That move was followed in 2013 by IBM’s acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies Inc., an infrastructure as a service provider. Following that deal, SmartCloud and SoftLayer were grouped together in a cloud services division. Since then, however, IBM has coalesced its cloud services offerings around its Bluemix platform as a service offering. As of fall 2016, Bluemix had incorporated SoftLayer cloud products and services into a broader portfolio of infrastructure, platform and application services. IBM’s more integrated cloud offering competes against such rivals as Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft.

Cognitive offerings

IBM’s Watson machine is a cognitive computing technology that makes use of artificial intelligence and analytical software. IBM’s intelligent systems have not only created a number of new technologies and products, but they’ve even given rise to some really impressive new capabilities for both businesses and consumers. The more you know about Watson APIs, the more value you can get out of them. IBM offers products with built-in cognitive capabilities. Those offerings include the IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform and IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media. IBM has looked to leverage its cloud technology as it rolls out Watson-related products. Watson APIs, for example, are available via Bluemix.

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Leading IBM assignment help
Leading IBM assignment help

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