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What is Geometry?

Geometry is the study of shapes and their properties, such as sizes or angles. Geometric figures are often used to help us understand more about math in general. The geometry we study uses many shapes that can be easily visualized, like a triangle, square, circle, etc.

The Purpose of Geometry

The purpose of geometry is to learn about shapes and their properties. Geometry has helped us relate to math in general. Therefore it can be used as an introduction to other more complex topics such as algebra or calculus.

Geometric Shapes

There are many different geometric shapes that you will encounter in your studies, including triangle, rectangle, square, circle, etc. These shapes have one thing in common; they all share certain characteristics like size and angles, allowing us to understand the shape at hand better.

Geometry Assignment Help
Geometry Assignment Help

Concepts Covered in Our Geometry Assignment Help

Angles and lines:

Angles are usually measured in degrees which can range from 0° to 180°. On the other hand, lines exist between points and have no width or length of their own.

Non-Euclidean Geometry:

Non-Euclidean geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies geometrical objects in three dimensions with the same principles as two-dimensional Euclid’s plane geometry. It uses hyperbolic trigonometric functions instead of linear ones when calculating distances by measuring angles similarity with triangles or circles (with radius). For more information on this subject, visit our blog post “What Is Non-Euclidean Geometry?”.


Polygons refer to basic shapes like squares, rectangles, etc., that have more than four sides.


A Quadrilateral is a polygon with four straight sides, and angles between each adjacent pair of opposite edges are equal (usually 90 degrees).


Triangles refer to the basic shape with three corners, but they can come in many different shapes like equilaterals or scalene triangles where two pairs of angles are not equal. This article will focus on what you should know about right-angle triangular geometry specifically.

Right Angle Triangle Geometry Shapes

There are six geometric shapes for right-angled triangles; scalene triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle, right-angled triangle without height, hypotenuse/legs ratio, and right-angled triangle with height.

Each shape has its unique properties that you should be aware of when doing problems about them. These include area, perimeter, perimeters which are different lengths depending on if they have a height or not). The hypotenuse is always opposite the right angle in every case (the longest side), while the two legs make up each other’s length from this point outward toward either corner.

Right-angled triangle geometry can help us learn more about many aspects of math, including ratios, measurements, etc. It also provides us with valuable information related to formulas like cosine angles. There is an equation for how much certain parts will measure compared to another part, given specific variables such as sides and angles.

Angle Postulates:

Apostles of geometry will always start with the initial point, which is usually a right angle or an arbitrary point on a line. The angles are measured in degrees and can range anywhere from 0° to 180°.

Line Postulates:

Lines exist between points and have no width or length of their own. They can be connected by using adjacent pairs to form shapes like triangles, rectangles, etc., seen as lines having two endpoints, each standing for one pair (or hypotenuse).

Angle theorem

Alternate exterior angle: Alternate exterior angles are the pairs of angles with a common vertex on both sides but belong to different polygons.

Alternate interior angle:

Alternate interior angles are the adjacent pair of opposite (or similar) angles in an obtuse or acute triangle and also refer to any two non-consecutive corners sharing one side. This is usually measured as being less than 180 degrees between them.

Corner Postulates:

The sum of all four corner measures for a given polygon will always equal 360° when summed together, no matter what size it may be.

Acute Triangle Angles & Properties:

The acute triangles consist of three line segments, with each line segment having its corresponding measure, which can range from 0° – 180°.

Obtuse Triangle Angles & Properties:

Obtuse triangles have a measure greater than 180 degrees between the adjacent pairs of opposite edges or angles (this differs depending on whether they are acute or obtuse). This type of triangle also has three line segments associated with it, and each one will correspond to either an angle measure for the segment, which can range from 0° – 180°.

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Geometry Assignment Help
Geometry Assignment Help

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