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What is a Critical Thinking Essay?

A critical essay is an article that evaluates and discusses a topic. It may take the form of literary criticism, art criticism, or academic critique. The purpose of such essays usually includes: to inform readers about another work; for example, by summarizing it and explaining its importance, meaning, or significance; to analyze how well they live up (or down) to particular standards or criteria, and to examine the validity of a conclusion drawn from them.

Importance of Critical Thinking Essay

Critical thinking skills are crucial for every student’s academic success because it allows you- as a thinker -to consider both sides of an argument before making judgments on what you think the truth might be. This skill can also make us better thinkers outside of academics by allowing us more control over how we react emotionally when faced with difficult situations or heated arguments. Critical thinking essays requires the writer to understand aspects of any given topic and ask them questions about what could happen in a particular circumstance. These posts are typically followed by conclusions that summarize main points and leave readers thinking more critically about the topic.

Critical Thinking Essay Help

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Critical Thinking Essay Help
Critical Thinking Essay Help

Components of a Critical Thinking Essay

-Thesis statement: This statement should summarize what the paper will explore or present; it is often called “the point.” It’s also essential because this is the first sentence of your essay and will set up what you’re going to explore.


The introduction provides background information on a topic that’s necessary for readers to understand. It should include an overview of issues, fundamental ideas, or definitions in as much detail as possible without simply repeating everything that has already been saying. After reading this section, the reader should answer these questions: What is being talked about? Why does it matter? Where are we going with this discussion?

Supporting points (body)

This is where most of the work gets done! The body includes supporting evidence from sources such as texts or expert opinions supporting the main idea presented in the thesis statement. Usually, there are at least three points, but there can be more.


The conclusion should summarize the essay’s main point(s) and make a final judgment on its validity. A solid concluding paragraph will leave readers feeling like they’ve gained something from the argument made in your paper by either convincing them to agree with you or at least making them think about it more critically (hence “critical thinking”).

Tips for Writing an Excellent Critical Thinking Essay

-Select a topic that connects to your interests or life experiences, and make sure you’re passionate about it.

-Don’t just list points without elaborating on them! Support each point with evidence from texts or expert opinions. Be aware of the difference between opinion and fact – support all arguments with facts (evidence). For example, “I think…” is an opinion, but “You can see this in text X” is a fact because you are using textual evidence as proof. This helps readers understand why they should believe what you’re saying; if there’s no reason for them to agree, they won’t be convinced by your argument(s).

-Stay organized: It will help tremendously when writing an essay if everything has a place, meaning that you have a solid plan before writing. Outline what points the essay should include and how they will order from start to finish (which will help with editing later).

-Don’t just focus on one side or opinion! Remember that essays are supposed to explore different sides/positions, so it’s important not only for your introduction but also throughout your writing that you provide evidence supporting both sides’ opinions discussed in the main paper.

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