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What is Critical Appraisal?

Critical appraisal is a process of examining the strengths and weaknesses of an article to determine its quality, reliability, and validity. It is used in the health sciences, most notably in medicine and nursing. Critical appraisal is used to help healthcare professionals decide whether or not they should base their decisions on the results of a particular review. The most commonly employed approach in critical appraisal, for example, when appraising clinical trials, is the “systematic” approach that employs the Cochrane Collaboration’s tool for assessing the risk of bias and other factors. Critical appraisal is integral to evidence-based medicine (EBM).

Why Do Students Need Critical Appraisal Assignment Help?

Many students struggle with critical appraisal assignments, and it is not surprising that they feel overwhelmed. Critical appraisal requires a lot of time, effort, dedication, and knowledge to examine a research paper’s aspects in detail. Besides, knowing what questions to ask regarding each study design will take up additional precious time for most students who have to balance their studies with work or other commitments.

Critical Appraisal Assignment Help

Critical Appraisal Assignment Help

Critical Appraisal Application

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with a process known as critical appraisal. To complete this assignment, you need a minimum of two journal articles that discuss an intervention or treatment in nursing. The articles must present systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are articles that review research on a specific topic or questions, draw conclusions based on the research reviewed, and usually include a discussion of the limitations of the study results. The articles should be different from each other.

Critical Appraisal: Steps to Process

Step 1: Choosing an article:

You need to select two journal articles (from your chosen fields of nursing) for critical appraisal purposes. A minimum number of four journals must be used as sources for this assignment; therefore, you may want to choose more than two articles from your chosen fields of nursing. You should select one article in which the authors’ focus is related directly to an area you will cover in your thesis/dissertation.

Step 2:Choosing a review article that reviews other articles to critique:

You need to select one systematic review/meta-analysis article and one critical appraisal form. The systematic review/meta-analysis will be the primary source for this assignment and is considered the “appraised” article. The critical appraisal form needs to address all pertinent sections of the appraisal tool.

Step 3: Critically appraising articles in relation to your research:

As an initial step, read the articles carefully to get an overview of their content. Also, determine if there are any limitations that you need to address.

Step 4: Determine reasons for selecting the articles and discuss strengths and weaknesses:

Decide which article(s) you will use as your appraisal source. Then, find at least three specific strengths and two specific weaknesses in each selected article (i.e., a total of six strengths and four weaknesses). You may find it helpful to create a chart or diagram.

You must describe the context of your analysis of these papers; therefore, be sure to include information such as how many references each article has, from what fields they were published (if applicable) when they were published, and so on.

Step 5: Compare and contrast the articles in relation to the data they have collected:

How are the strengths and weaknesses of each article similar or different? Describe your analysis. Be sure to identify similarities between the pieces in their overall research design, study quality scores, statistical analyses, results, etc. Also, be sure you discuss how these papers differ from each other. This part of your assignment may require you to refer back to your chart or diagram that identifies strengths and weaknesses (created in Step 4).

Step 6: Presenting Your Results:

Submit the final product online. Be sure that all spelling and grammatical errors are corrected before submitting the article.

Be sure to turn in a copy of your hardcopy academic paper with an APA (American Psychological Association) Format Paper Title Page.

Critical Appraisal Assignment Help

Critical Appraisal Assignment Help

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