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What is Critical Analysis?

Critical analysis is a type of academic analysis in which the goal is to understand what an author’s purpose and argument might be. The paper often evaluates strengths, weaknesses, supporting points, objections, or rebuttals–essentially any information that could be used to answer these questions: Why does this work have meaning for its intended audience? What are the implications for our understanding?

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Critical Analysis Paper Help

Critical Analysis Paper Help

Components of a Critical Analysis Paper


Here, the author lays out what they plan to do in their paper and why it matters. The introduction should also include a statement of how they will use evidence from work, which must be referenced for it to count as “evidence.”


This section is divided into subsections that correspond with different aspects of the argument–“claims,” “reasons,” etc.–and within each subsection are specific points related to those larger sections. In this part of the paper, an essay might consider its strengths (what makes it convincing), weaknesses (points against/unanswered questions), and objections (reactions from others).


Here’s where you draw your conclusions about whether or not there has been enough evidence to support the contentions made in the paper.

Note: A critical analysis is not summarizing what an author has written without analyzing their points and supporting evidence. The point of this essay type is to evaluate those arguments and ideas!

How to Write a Critical Analysis Paper

Read thoroughly:

Read the work at least three times, taking notes each time. The more you read it, the easier it will be to see what arguments are being made and how they’re being supported.

Identify claims and reasons:

Read critically, looking for keywords like “because” or “thus.” These indicate a suit that needs to be explored further with reasons behind them.

Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of argument:

Consider whether or not there might be other explanations for these points–or if there’s any way something could go against this point (reasons). This is where your critical thinking skills come in handy! You can also look for missing links within an author’s reasoning by considering questions like: What do they miss? Is there any way to disprove this point? Is it the only argument being made in favor of his conclusion?

Develop a thesis statement:

This is your final opinion, which will be supported by evidence from work. In an essay extending beyond one page–which might have two or three paragraphs dedicated to each body section–one paragraph should address conclusions and another act as a counterargument (or rebuttal). The counterargument’s job is not necessary to refute the other side but rather provide additional thoughts that can’t be ignored. If you’re referencing something else entirely unrelated, use footnotes instead!

Write the introduction:

In this section, you give an overview of what your paper will be covering in the order in which points will follow each other.

Organize the body:

Generally, it’s a good idea to use the order described above–claims (introduction), reasons, then objections. The points should be supported by evidence from the text.

Write the conclusion:

This should summarize your argument and draw conclusions based on what has been said before. If you want to add anything new or different after you’ve finished this paper, consider adding a paragraph in a counterargument section that draws attention back to those points.


Once you’re done with the paper, proofread it a few times to make sure there are no mistakes and that everything makes sense.

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