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What is a Comparison Essay?

A comparison essay is a piece of writing that aims to compare and contrast two or more subjects. It aims to show the similarities and differences between those subjects to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to one another.

When writing a comparison essay, you will usually be asked to show the similarities between two or more subjects. However, it is also possible to write a paper that draws comparisons between multiple pairs of subjects. Your professor may ask you to compare world leaders or political parties, literary works or historical events, social movements, and scientific theories. You must find out which pairings are expected of you before beginning your work.

Elements of a Comparison Essay

A frame of reference:

As with any essay, you’ll need to state your frame of reference at the beginning. What is your thesis statement? Why are you making these comparisons? Are these subjects related in some way that will lend weight to your arguments?

A ground of comparison:

A comparison essay should include two or more subjects that will be compared and contrasted throughout the paper. As you’re brainstorming, it’s important to consider what makes these subjects relevant to one another. What do they have in common? How are they different?


Your thesis should be clear and concise. It must focus on the similarities or differences between the subjects you’ll be comparing rather than present a general overview.

Argument & support:

The argument should focus on demonstrating or explaining the details of your observation. You will need to provide specific examples and evidence that support this observation. This evidence comes in the form of direct quotes, paraphrased quotations, and detailed descriptions, as well as narration and analysis.


The conclusion should summarize your arguments and observations. It is a concise restatement of the argument you’ve been building throughout your paper, and it helps to provide resolution for your audience.

Comparison Essay Writing Help

Comparison Essay Writing Help

Standard Format of Comparison Essay Writing

· Comparison/Contrast

This type of essay shows how two or more items are alike in certain regards and different in others. These papers often use contrasting language techniques, ideas, and examples to illustrate the similarity-difference relationship between subjects.

· Comparison/Cause and Effect

This format takes a slightly different approach, focusing on how one subject causes changes or consequences to another. The paper might also explore the reverse relationship, where one or more subjects cause an impacting event.

· Comparison/Argument

In this type of essay, two subjects are compared to illustrate their strengths and weaknesses in the context of an argument. These papers often show how each side of the issue could be considered right (or wrong).

· Historical Comparison

For these comparison papers, it’s important to use examples from history and events that provide information about each subject being compared. Sometimes your professor may ask you to take a particular period of history or eras, in which case you should use the examples from those times to outline how each subject is similar and different.

Comparison Essay Writing Tips

Writing a comparison essay can be tricky. To make the process easier for you, here are some tips that will help:

· Research

When you’re writing research papers, it’s important to note that your professor expects you to show a substantial amount of research effort before beginning work on the actual paper. Part of this effort involves making sure that you’ve found valid sources with high-quality information. Luckily, this type of research is also vital when writing essays about two or more subjects. You need to ensure that your comparisons are sound; no one wants an essay that compares apples and oranges.

· Create an outline

Anytime you begin working on a longer paper like this one, make sure to start by creating a solid outline or some diagram to help guide your writing efforts. Doing so will allow you to focus on the flow of ideas without worrying about getting stuck for lack of ideas or examples. An outline created before work begins also beneficial in case you need to back up or improve upon any statements made earlier in the essay.

· Present information clearly

As stated above, comparison essays are similar to research papers because they require logical arguments and clear reasoning. This means that all your statements should be backed up with evidence from valid sources. Finally, make sure that phrasing is clear and concise; if you’re unsure whether your sentences are as they should be, ask someone else to read it over before submitting the final copy of your paper.

· Avoid irrelevant material

Comparative essays often include several topics or arguments from different perspectives. While this can add depth and interest to a paper, you mustn’t go overboard with extraneous details or stories. If you find yourself including information that doesn’t necessarily support your comparisons, consider removing them so you don’t distract readers from the main points being illustrated.

· Stay focused on similarities

Many people get wrong when writing these papers by focusing too much on differences rather than similarities. Yes, you need to compare each subject and the other subjects being considered, but most of your points must focus on what all subjects have in common.

· Proofread

Finally, when you’re done writing your essay, make sure that you proofread it thoroughly before submitting it to your teacher or professor. If possible, ask someone else to read it over and give you some feedback as well; this is also a great way to discover any more mistakes that may have slipped past while you were writing your paper.

Comparison Essay Writing Help

Comparison Essay Writing Help

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