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What is CIPS?

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supplies(CIPS) is a qualification and professional body for the procurement profession. The organization is responsible for setting standards and qualifications to become a supplier and develop procurement knowledge through research, education, and training. CIPS has been in existence since 1945 with over 230 memberships from around the world but mainly based in Great Britain.

The institute provides membership benefits, including opportunities to network with other professionals, discounts on products like insurance and travel, and exclusive publications such as the Procurement Review, which includes articles written by experts within various sectors of business supply management.

CIPS also offers several courses that are open to both student members or the general public. These include short workshops to improve skills in negotiation techniques or leadership theory alongside longer courses related more specifically to finance and accounting.

Why Do Students Need CIPS Assignment Help?

Students often have many assignments to complete, which can make it difficult for them to find the time or energy to put into procurement-related subjects. The good news is that our team can do all the hard work on your behalf, writing convincing essays with up-to-date content and providing research assistance when needed.

CIPS Assignment Help
CIPS Assignment Help

What Can Students Get From CIPS Assignment Help?

We offer students help in any subject area they need. Still, we specialize in helping out with dissertation topics related to sourcing, supply chain management, and logistics, which are key areas within CIPS’s remit. We also provide additional support, such as editing services, so you get an essay that has been written from scratch by someone who knows what they’re talking about!

Levels of CIPS Assignment Help

We have proficient writers in the following levels of CIPS:

Level two CIPS Assignment Help:

This level deals with issues of a basic nature. They are typically focused on sourcing and procurement processes, analysis of costs and benefits, plus detailed descriptions of items or services that form the supply chain.

Level three CIPS Assignment Help:

This level deals with more complex issues but still in an accessible format for those who don’t have previous experience within this subject area – they may need to provide specific information about contracts and delivery commitments and deal with real-life scenarios such as risk management plans.

Level four CIPS Assignment Help:

Level four deals with detailed and in-depth analysis of supply chain management – the focus is on complex arrangements such as determining optimal production schedules or implementing procurement strategies.

Level five CIPS Assignment Help:

Level five deals with highly specialized topics which require a high level of knowledge, often related to research methods and approaches for solving specific problems within this area.

Level six CIPS Assignment Help:

Level six deals with the most complex and detailed procurement issues, often working closely with research teams to develop long-term strategies.

Topics Covered in Our CIPS Assignment Help

Contract management: Contract management is an essential part of the whole procurement process. It involves establishing a contract with some other party, for example, one or more suppliers, to provide goods and services needed by your business.


Logistics has two main components – transportation processes and supply chain technologies like inventory management systems, order fulfillment procedures, and analytics tools that help understand customer behavior to be better catered for in the future.

Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain managers oversee all aspects related to the production, including sourcing raw materials and logistics – choosing how many finished products you need and where they will be shipped from based on demand forecasts plus optimizing current stock levels across different parts of the world through cross-docking practices.


Sourcing is the process of finding suppliers which match your needs. This can include researching a supplier or contacting them with a request for quotes. It often involves asking potential candidates about their supply capacity, prices, and payment terms before deciding on the one you feel will suit you best.

Value generation:

Value generation is the process of turning raw materials into finished products. It involves having a good understanding of combining different resources and turning them into something that has greater value, such as adding certain ingredients together or refining oil to create lubricants for an automobile engine.

Intellectual property:

Intellectual property is an intangible asset that can be transferred or shared. It encompasses creations of the mind such as patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and know-how – all things that are not physical but have commercial value nonetheless.

Cost reduction:

Cost reduction is the process of reducing your expenditure – for example, by negotiating cheaper prices with suppliers or looking at ways to cut down on waste.

Purchase order cycle:

The purchase order cycle is the sequence of events in a business when it needs to buy something from another company, for example, making an offer and then waiting on suppliers to reply.

Risk management:

Risk management is about eliminating or minimizing threats so your business can operate better – it includes things like assessing all possible risks before you make any major decisions and preparing emergency strategies should disaster strike.

Demand forecasting:

Demand forecasting involves predicting how much demand there will be for different products over time based on current trends and considering economic factors such as inflation and unemployment. Forecasting helps companies understand what they need to produce right now versus what might be needed at some point in the future which means less waste due to stock-outs.

Negotiation skills:

Negotiation is the process of trying to reach an agreement when there are disagreements between two parties – it can be as simple as a conversation with your co-worker or something more formal like sitting down in front of someone and talking things out until you come to some compromise.

Availability planning:

Availability planning involves assessing what products you have right now versus how much demand will be for them in the future so that stock levels stay at a good level, which helps avoid customer frustration due to lack of availability.

CIPS Assignment Help
CIPS Assignment Help

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