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University students and those from other higher-education institutions often deal with several assignments, papers, projects, presentations, and exams. As you progress it gets even tougher and keeping up with everything while maintaining a higher academic performance becomes a challenge. When you are at your homestretch, you think things are going to be better. But Alas! The worst hit you as you are expected to complete an important and very intensive assignment in form of a capstone project.

What is Capstone Project?

A Capstone Project is a mandatory part of a graduate program that demonstrates academic as well as the intellectual experience of a student throughout the program’s period. By nature and structure, it takes after a thesis, but contains more than just a report on some topic. In a capstone project, you’re required to talk about a product, performance or some sort of presentation.

Typically, this project demands a thorough research compilation and presentation. Your capstone project writing ought to demonstrate your knowledge and skills that you have acquired when studying the various topics and subjects in the course of your program. But is there a formula for writing a capstone project?

How to Write a Capstone Project

Step 1: Summon Up You Past Days. This doesn’t imply a minute for relaxing in order to get a working wavelength but rather your past working experience that you have acquired all along from your freshman. You will require to engage more papers and assignments from your past in coming up with an excellent capstone project. So enlisting your research papers, essays, projects, tests among other assignments will provide you with a better bearing for writing your capstone project.

Step 2: Choose a Topic. If you are not assigned any topic regarding your capstone project, you ought to choose the one that you’re most interested in and ensure it has a practical and scientific use. Such a topic should guide you in illustrating your research skills. In order to have an excellent capstone project, you should ascertain all your research outcomes and represent their contribution to the chosen topic. This is one of the issues that push students to seek help from online expert capstone writers.

Step 3: Study and Examine Sources. A thorough examination of sources allows you to get solid and reliable information.  As such, make use of internet resources such as governmental websites for data, online library, and specialized scholar communities. Books and journals are also very crucial. Often a search for relevant and reliable sources quite a challenge for most students-this is one more reason why they decide to avail their capstone projects to an expert in the field they wish to write.

Step 4: Write a Thesis. Basically, a thesis statement consists of either one or two sentences. But in a capstone project, the thesis is the most important components in the entire project. In this section, you’re required to express the main thought of the project. Make it concise and clear.

Step 5: Work on Your Outline. Prior to writing, it is important to work on the structure your project will follow. Ensure to note the main points that you’ll like to have and determine the number of chapters and arrange them logically for easy flow for the reader to follow.

Step 6: Write a Draft. Start off to write your capstone project according to the outline. It’s even much easier if you fill the gaps in your outline. Simply insert things like quotations while making corresponding notes in the bibliography chapter. Create an introduction part where you will ensure you capture the attention of your reader and carefully insert the thesis. Proceed to work on conclusion thereafter. Typically, a draft represents a short analysis of the entire project.

Step 7: Edit Your Capstone Essay. Certainly, this is one of the stages that most students often neglect. When editing your capstone project, check out errors and mistakes like punctuation, spelling, grammar, format, misprints, and style. A computer comes handy when editing your project. Furthermore, ask someone else to go through to ascertain your tone, voice and whether the project meets the requirements given in the rubric.

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