Capsim Tips for Each Module

Before you begin developing any items, create a strategy. Will you maintain a presence in every product segment, or will you concentrate on low- end products exclusively or will you concentrate on high-end products solely, or will you dominate high-end while maintaining a presence in other segments, and so on?  Are you looking for Capsim Tips by module? Worry no more! We got you covered!

Capsim Tips for Each Module
Capsim Tips for Each Module

You can begin producing and repositioning products based on your overall strategy once you’ve determined it.

Modules for Capsim

  1. Capsim Research and Development
  2. Capsim Marketing
  3. Capsim Production
  4. Finance Module in Capsim
  5. Capsim HR Module (Human Resource Management Module)
  6. Capsim TQM Module (Total Quality Management Module)

Use these Capsim hints as a starting point for developing your own strategy.

Tips For the Capsim Research and Development Module

  • Your marketing and manufacturing plans are immediately influenced by your research and development decisions.
  • Product repositioning on the perceptual map, the number of items in each sector, product age, and MTBF are all factors in marketing and R&D decisions.
  • Material costs, new equipment purchases, and automation levels are all influenced by production and R&D decisions.

It’s worth noting that the higher the level of automation, the longer it takes to execute R&D projects. • You must finish your first product before moving on to the next.

If a product isn’t finished in the first year, it will be moved to the second year, with the other product cells locked.

  • Project Administration: The cost of a 6-month project was $500,000, while a one-year project was $1,000,000.
  • Unsold units created before the revision date are reworked at no cost to meet the revised specifications.
  • When a corporation puts two or more products in R&D at the same time, the project completion time increases.

Capsim Marketing Module Tips

  • Boost Customer Survey Score: To improve your customer survey score, increase your accounts receivables to 90 days. TQM aids in improving customer survey scores as well, however it isn’t available until later in the game.
  • Be aware that a product with the best customer satisfaction rating will outsell a competitor’s offering.
  • Raising Awareness: In Capsim, the promotional budget, which funds advertising and public relations efforts, is used to raise awareness.
  • Improve Accessibility: By employing the product’s sales budget, accessibility can be improved over time.
  • Salespeople and the distribution infrastructures that serve customers are funded by the Capsim sales budget.

Capsim Product Pricing

  • Pricing things $5 over or below the price range is not a good idea.
  • Achieving 100 percent accessibility is tough. Keep in mind that the price range decreases by $0.50 on the low and upper end every year.
  • You must have two or more products in a product segment to obtain 100 percent accessibility for that product segment.
  • Once you’ve gained 100 percent accessibility, you can employ a combined sales budget of $3,500,000 to keep it that way.
  • It’s worth noting that accessibility refers to the product segment rather than the product itself, therefore once a product exits a product sector, it’s no longer accessible.
  • Furthermore, unless the product category still includes two goods, the combined budget will no longer help that segment.
  • Sales budgets are less effective when products are not placed within the solid circle and the price and MTBF do not match the product segment guideline.
  • Because new items create a buzz, 25% of awareness is given away for free. As a result, product development is strongly encouraged.


Recommendations for Capsim Marketing

  • In the early rounds, use a promotional expenditure of $3,000,000 per year until product awareness is 100 percent. Then cut down to $1,400,000 per year to keep the percentage at 100%.
  • Allow products to drift/age into other product sectors, depending on your plan, to attain 100% accessibility.
  • For each product segment, follow the pricing and MTBF guidelines.
  • Use a sales budget of no more than $4,500,000 for two items in a product segment and no more than $3,000,000 for one product in a product segment.

Capsim Production Module Suggestions

  • The production module is where the action happens – products are planned for production – and the production units for each product line must be updated to match the sales units projected.

Recommendations for Capsim Production

  • Capacity Allocation in Capsim: Before concluding your current round, make sure there is enough capacity for each product for the next round.
  • Every product invented necessitates the purchase of capacity.
  • In the early rounds, put a lot of money into capacity and automation.
  • Don’t sell capacity or automation or you’ll lose money.

Capsim Finance Reccommendations Module Help

  • Banks provide current debt to fund short-term assets such as accounts receivables and inventory.
  • Bonds and issuing stock are used to fund capacity and automation investments.

Financial Recommendations from Capsim

  • Invest extensively on capacity and automation in the first three rounds by issuing shares and long-term debt.
  • Sell stocks when you have a lot of cash, little debt leverage, and a lot of working capital.
  • Human Resource Management is one of the modules that is included later in the game. Capsim Tips for Capsim Human Resource Management Module • Human resource management is one of the modules that is added later in the game.
  • When requested to negotiate in this module, make sure you do so. Above all, don’t be cheap — do everything you can to impress your employees to avoid strikes.
  • As a side note, investing in automation during the early stages reduces your reliance on human labor, allowing you to save money on employee hires, so plan appropriately.
  • The major priority in this module is to manage recruiting and training. The lowest and maximum costs of recruiting are $1,000 and $5,000, respectively.
  • Because there is no additional value, never spend more than $5,000 on recruiting. When $5000 is spent on recruiting, the returns start to dwindle. 80 hours of training is strongly suggested in terms of preparation.
  • Investing more in hiring and training results in increased production and fewer attrition. This lowers the need for more personnel, cutting labor expenses per unit.

Human Resource Management Recommendations from Capsim

  • Hire staff with a $5,000 starting salary and 80 hours of training.

However, based on your amount of automation and sales unit forecasts for the future year, this can be altered.

Capsim Tips for Capsim Total Quality Management Module

• The TQM module reduces the cost of your business operations, reduces the time it takes to execute R&D projects, and improves product demand.

Recommendations for Capsim Total Quality Management

  • In the first and second rounds of TQM, invest $1,500 per category, then $1,000 in the third round.

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Capsim Tips for Each Module
Capsim Tips for Each Module



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