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Your first Capsim Secret can be found in the difficult Finance section. In the real world, you borrow money for a specific length of time, pay interest on the loan, and then repay the loan’s principal when the borrowing period ends. This is where the Capsim game differs from reality and where the Capsim secret is revealed.

Long Term Debt is due to be paid back after 10 years in the Capstone simulation, however the game only lasts for 8 rounds. This means that the principal of Long-Term Debt is never repaid for the duration of the game. Each round, you are just obliged to pay interest. Using this Capsim Secret can make a big difference on your balanced scorecard at the end of the game, and it could even propel your team to first place.


By boosting accessibility, your second Capsim Secret will help you sell more sensors and earn more points on your balanced scorecard. Because the sales budgets for both sensors contribute to the segment’s accessibility percentage, having two or more items in a segment’s fine cut is the greatest method to improve accessibility. Marketing funds, on the other hand, apply only to each individual sensor’s awareness score. When a sales budget exceeds $3,000, an individual sensor’s returns start to dwindle.

However, the overall section does not reach declining returns until the sum exceeds $4,500. Set the sales budgets for two sensors in the segment to $2,250 each ($4,500 total) if you want to achieve 100% accessibility. Once you’ve attained 100 percent accessibility, you can reduce the sales budget for the sector to around $1,650 per person ($3,300 overall) to keep it at 100 percent. Not only is accessibility vital for the balanced scorecard, but it also has a direct impact on the customer survey score. Half of a product’s base customer survey score will be lost if it is not accessible.


By appropriately arranging R&D enhancements, your third Capsim Secret will reduce your chances of acquiring emergency loans.

For Capsim players, the issue of R&D upgrade scheduling can be perplexing. If you don’t keep your product research and development improvements within the same year, you’ll lose out on a lot of revenue. Sensors will continue to manufacture and sell according to the previous requirements until the project is completed (revision date). Unsold sensors that were created before the revision date will be reworked at no cost to meet the improved standards.

For example, suppose you upgrade your sensor from Traditional to High-End with a November 30th revision date. As a result, it will be available for 11 months with the existing specifications (in Traditional). Only 1 month out of 12 will this sensor be available with the enhanced specs (in High-End)! If you don’t factor this into your sales forecasts, it might throw everything off and leaving you with surplus inventory because your competition had a better product that sold all year.


With correct usage of TQM, your fourth Capsim Secret will boost points on your balanced scorecard as well as greatly enhance your sensor sales. Using the TQM section effectively in Capsim gives you a significant edge because it provides benefits such as cheaper material costs, lower labor costs, faster R&D improvements, fewer SG&A costs, and improved demand for your products. The best part is that these advantages are cumulative, meaning that if you buy a TQM upgrade, it will help you every round for the duration of the simulation.

But, in order to maximize your outcomes, how should you spend money in the TQM section? Because of declining rewards, don’t spend more than $2000 on a single TQM in a single round. Keep in mind that the greatest amount you can invest in any single TQM effort over the course of the game is $500,000. Above that point, there is no additional advantage. To gain the best outcomes from a single TQM program, spend as follows: -$2000 for the first round

-$2000 for the second round

-$1000 in the third round

Certain TQM efforts are far more necessary to improve than others, and I’ll explain how to figure out which TQM initiatives you should invest in and which you should avoid in a future email.


Your fifth Capsim Secret is to avoid the most common source of emergency loans by avoiding the use of computer sales projections.

There is a large trap ready to swallow numerous teams in the opening round of Capsim. In the Traditional segment, the majority of companies will upgrade their sensors to the ideal location, resulting in a considerable boost in their sensor’s customer survey score. The Marketing tab’s computer sales prediction will then offer a very high sales estimate, such as 2,500.

That computer sales prediction, however, ignores the fact that every other team will most certainly do the same thing… and upgrade its Traditional sensors to the perfect location as well. This means that your Traditional sensor will sell for roughly 1350 dollars. You have over 1000 unsold sensors, a large inventory charge, and an emergency loan from Big Al if you used the computer sales projection. Automatic computer sales forecasts are virtually always inaccurate and should not be relied upon. If you utilize them to make sales projections, Big Al is likely to provide you an emergency loan.

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