Bookkeeping Assignment Help

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What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a set of accounting processes used to record financial transactions and maintain financial records. It also provides information about an organization’s assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses to make decisions for future growth. Bookkeepers typically keep ledgers on hand which list all sorts of things like checks written or received by customers, deposits, receipts, and payments. All of these transactions need to be listed in the bookkeeping ledger to be recorded accurately!

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting Bookkeepers: What is The Difference?

Accounting is what an accountant does when they do a full set of financial statements or assess your company’s finances. This includes everything from preparing taxes to analyzing data about profit margins or turnover rates. While bookkeeping deals with recording information into ledgers which accountants then use as part of their work, accounting looks at the bigger picture over time. It helps companies make decisions on how much money needs to be invested back into it. In some cases, this might involve hiring more people or changing up marketing strategies but usually not making major changes to the business.

Bookkeeping Assignment Help

Bookkeeping Assignment Help

Importance of Bookkeeping

It’s important to understand the difference between bookkeeping and accounting because they both serve very different purposes. Bookkeepers are responsible for recording transactions into a ledger so that accountants can use them in their work. In contrast, an accountant uses those records to provide advice on how best to run your business according to its needs at present. It may seem like a small distinction, but it is quite essential!

Types of Bookkeeping

Single entry system:

This type of bookkeeping is based on the idea that every transaction needs to be recorded in a single journal entry. It’s considered one of the most basic systems and doesn’t take into account any information about balance sheets or double-entry accounting, which can lead to some errors

Double Entry System:

Double Entry system is more complicated than a Single Entry, but it has two sides where transactions are entered. This means that both debits and credits must match up to avoid discrepancies with what you record in your ledger!

The Process of Bookkeeping


Before starting to do bookkeeping, you must identify what your needs are. That way, you can make sure the system is as tailored to them as possible


Once you’ve determined what kind of organization and system would work best for your business, all transactions need to be organized according to their type or class. For example, they might belong in the cash account category, which refers to any money received from a customer who has paid by cash

Recording Transactions:

The next step after organizing these transactions is recording them into ledgers so that they get recorded accurately! This will help ensure no mistakes are made when there isn’t an audit trail on hand- another reason why double entry systems have two sides where everything matches up!


When you have all of your transactions recorded in ledgers, it’s time to classify them according to their account. This will help make sure that the information is categorized properly and can be easily accessed later.

Preparation of trial balance:

Once you’ve classified all of your transactions, the trial balance must be completed. This will show a summary of what has been recorded in each account and help to ensure there are no discrepancies


The last step towards completing bookkeeping work is to review everything before submitting it for an audit. It doesn’t matter if this means reading through everything or having someone else look at it- either way, mistakes can be prevented by careful consideration!

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Bookkeeping Assignment Help

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