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What is a star network?

A star network in its simplest form consists of connecting all PCs, workstations or other devices in a certain electrical wiring grid to a central computer, referred to as the hub. Interesting, yes, but that’s hardly the entire story. A star network can be generated not only by symmetry of nodes with regard to each other in the network topology, but also in terms of internode distance between them. The students who are assigned with the Star network assignment would through the stress of writing the assignment due to lack of time or knowledge. However, you can end the academic worries by handing over the responsibility of writing the assignment to our experts. They use their skills on working with the tool to complete the assignment. The write-up would help you secure A+ grade and impress the professors.

Best Star network assignment help
Best Star network assignment help

Every workstation connected to the hub is indirectly connected to each workstation using the hub as an intermediary device. Star networks made up of decentralized access switches enable enterprise to easily extend and extend the reach of their LANs aka: “”like collecting snowflakes on a Christmas tree, you can never see all ends of it but your imagination is always close enough to catch the snowflakes.

This graphic shows a network consisting of machines that live on different ends of the same microchip. Each machine connects to one endpoint PC and communicates with every other machine at every endpoint PC’s router. This network is considered a star topology, as we can see from the convex symmetry between each workstation and each spoke. In the real world, a star network can consist of either wired or wireless connections. In this specific case, each spoke is connected to a hub by a wired connection.

How does a star network work?

Because a star network uses a centralized hub, that hub is responsible for controlling communications between devices. ence — the message to a particular device. This is similar to making a phone call or sending an email, but it involves extra bits of information being transmitted over the network. Isolating traffic from other users is one method to get rid of noise and allow one computer’s communications over Ethernet network to be processed independently from other communications on the same Ethernet bus.This is the simplest form of a network hub, as it only must repeat the message to all other connected spokes. But this method can become inefficient quickly, as each communication is sent out to all spokes, as opposed to only the spoke the message was intended for.

By sending out packets of data to every device on the network, you can hack too many networks. The routing tables are overwhelmed with too many packets being sent by each device, so it is no longer possible for devices to get to websites sooner.

An Ethernet switch, on the other hand, may look like an Ethernet hub from a physical cabling perspective, but it is far more sophisticated when it comes to how the centralized device handles the transmission of communications to the intended spoke device. Ethernet switches eliminate the need to broadcast communications over all spokes on your network. Instead, the Ethernet switch maintains an aggregate media access control (MAC) address table for each spoke This table statically or dynamically maps the physical MAC address to the port or spoke where the spoke endpoint resides. It may completely eliminate the need for manual make-up speeches when the corporate hub is updated. Many times in large corporate meeting rooms that feature conference table features to accommodate wireless LANs, voice radio, or other connections in their design. Ultimately, an Ethernet switch accomplishes the same goal as an Ethernet hub with the added benefit of better network transport efficiency.

Comparing star network topologies with other topologies

Star network topology is the right design when the workstations in a specific area of a building or facility can be easily disconnected with no problems, but if they are distributed widely across multiple floors or buildings it becomes quite infeasible to add and remove workstations over such distances

The ring topology has advantages over the star topology and is considered cost effective.  But for applications that require very high performance, especially if retrieval times are critical, the star network topology may serve as a reasonable alternative. If the workstations lie nearly along a straight line, the bus network topology may be best.

In a star network, a cable failure on a single spoke will only affect the spoke endpoint that it links to the central computer. All the other workstations will continue to function normally with the exception that they will not be able to communicate with the device that resides on the failed spoke.for any conference calls.If any workstation goes down, none of the other workstations will be affected. But even if the network is only to be used temporarily, it may still not be clear which node or node group to use.

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Best Star network assignment help
Best Star network assignment help

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