Focusing on the trends of 2021 is a great idea for research. It’s always good to be ahead of the game and create content that will resonate with your audience in years beyond now. The future is coming, and you can’t afford to put off making a blog post like this!

What is Research?

Research is a type of academic work that explores the literature or data in its field. In academia, it is usually considered to be preliminary and can lead to new questions being asked. Research could refer to exploratory studies, which are used to conduct basic research on a topic. On the other hand, research typically informs what will happen next with an experiment: hypotheses need to be tested before anything else can occur! And finally, also known as “reflections,” this method concludes findings made by previous experiments done during lab tests (scientific), observations made in nature (naturalistic), or systematic reviews of existing knowledge from past discoveries (historical).

Type Of Research

There are many different types of research, but here are some of the most common approaches to get you started:

  • Basic Research – Focuses on exploring a new idea or understanding a concept in depth.
  • Clinical Research – Involves clinical trials that test all aspects of therapeutic interventions (e.g., drugs).
  • Descriptive Observational Studies – Describe observations and facts about people’s behavior without making any inferences from them. For example, observing how long it takes for someone to cross the street at an intersection is descriptive observational research because there is no inference made other than “it took this person x seconds.” The goal might be to understand just what behaviors happen when crossing the road!
  • Experimental Design – Involves manipulating an independent variable and measuring its effect on the dependent variable. Experimental design is a common approach in basic research to study cause-effect relationships between variables of interest (e.g., does caffeine make people more alert?).
  • Historical Research – Looks at old data, literature, or artifacts from the past without actively collecting new information about them for this purpose today.
  • Observational Studies – Observational studies aim not to test hypotheses but rather observe natural phenomena while making inferences based on what they see when it comes into contact with different treatments, interventions, situations, or contexts. They don’t manipulate any variables either! For example, observing how much time someone spends outside during different seasons would be considered observational research because there is no inference made other than “it takes this person x minutes to go outside.”
  • Systematic Reviews – This type of research synthesizes the evidence from previous studies in one area and then draws conclusions based on what was found.

What are Research Ideas?

A research idea can be any question that requires more information or data before making an informed decision about it. It might come up because you’re working with another researcher, trying to learn something new, or want to know more! The term “research” usually refers to academic work that’s systematic and at least minimally experimental, but there are plenty of other informal projects, too (e.g., surveys). A personal project like going vegan for two months is not considered a research project.

Best Research Ideas 2021
Best Research Ideas 2021

Why Do Research?

Research is an important part of life because you never know when it will come in handy! For example, a researcher might want to learn more about how different types of music affect people’s moods and work productivity to make recommendations for the office (e.g., which songs should be played during lunch hour). The same holds if someone wants to start their own business – researching your market beforehand could help avoid making expensive mistakes later on. Many other reasons require doing research, such as:

– Learning new information or skills

– Understanding the current situation before taking action

– Deciding what else needs to happen before moving forward with something you’re working on

– Improving your understanding of something you’re working on

– Informing decisions (e.g., should I take this new job?)

How to Select Perfect Research Ideas?

When deciding on a research idea, the most important thing is to make sure there are enough resources available for you to complete the project. For example, if someone wanted to learn about how different types of music affect people’s moods and work productivity but don’t have access to any radio stations in their area (or even a computer with an Internet connection), it would be difficult or impossible!

Once you find something that interests you, here are some questions to ask yourself before diving right into your next big project:

What type of information do I want?

If this question isn’t clear yet, try asking, “What’s the single best thing I could know?” or “What matters?” This can help narrow down what you’re looking for.

What are the benefits of doing this project?

It’s important to know what you want out of your research before starting! For example, someone might be interested in a new exercise routine, but they don’t have any equipment at home. If that’s not an issue, it will make sense to learn more about how different exercises affect muscle strength and fat loss by finding studies on PubMed or through Google searches instead. But if doing some workouts from home is one of their goals, then going straight into reading up on weight training would probably be better than trying something like Pilates (“Best Pilates Workouts” 2018).

What is the timeline?

It’s important to know how long a project might take before you start it! For example, someone who has never researched anything before might think that reading up on different “Best” keywords will only take an hour or two. But if they’re trying to learn about what sort of research people do in their fields (e.g., psychology), there are probably many other related topics and subtopics that also need to be read through. This could turn into weeks or months without them realizing it – so make sure you have plenty of time after deciding on your big question.

 Who else can help with this project?

This includes collaborators like getting feedback from friends and colleagues, as well as mentors for your research career.

What is the best way to accomplish this project?

This includes figuring out how long it will take to complete a piece of content or if you need help with any parts of the process (e.g., editing).

How can I have fun while doing this project?

It’s important not to think about what needs to be done but also about why! For example, someone might want to learn more about different types of music and their impact on people’s moods – so they could set up playlists that put them in an upbeat mood before starting their workday. Or maybe listening to something soothing at night would help relax them before bed.

Who else is interested in this topic?

We often spend a lot of time researching topics that are really popular and already well known, but it’s also important to explore less common research ideas! It doesn’t matter if the idea seems like a long shot or not – try your best and see what happens (e.g., “Best Chocolate Recipes” 2018)! What could you contribute by learning more about something that few people know much about?

Examples of Research Ideas 2021


– What are the best exercises for weight loss?

– How do different types of music affect people’s moods and work productivity.


– Which country has the most trees?


– Is there a way to protect data on computers if they’re lost or stolen?


– What are some of the best films to watch on Netflix?

Social Issues:

– How can we make textbooks more accessible and affordable for students who need them most?


– Which country has had the longest monarchy in history (including monarchs)?


– Who was the first person to walk on Mars?

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Best Research Ideas 2021
Best Research Ideas 2021


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