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What is an Article?

An article is a short text that should be two pages long. This short text can be written about anything you choose, and it must have proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar unless specified otherwise by your teacher. An article will explain what you are writing about and the steps needed to complete the task at hand. Some examples of articles would be how to tie a shoe or how to throw darts.

Are You Looking for Article Writing Homework Help?

Writing an article can seem complicated at first, but you will be able to complete this writing assignment successfully with a little research and dedication. It is important to know that articles are not essays, so they do not have to be written in paragraph form.

What Do You Need for Article Writing Homework?

Here is a list of what you will need for your assignment:

 A topic or title:

You will need a topic or title that is interesting and will grab the readers attention.

 Proper Grammar:

You need to make sure that you are using proper grammar when writing this article.

Correct Spelling:

When writing an article, you must check for spelling errors before handing in your work. If you do not have spell check available, try reading your paper backwards if possible (by doing this could catch some of the automatic misspellings).

 Proper Punctuation:

There are many ways to check for punctuation. One of the easiest ways is to read it out loud, and you will be able to hear if your article needs a comma or a period added.

A grabber sentence:

This is usually the first sentence in your article that will catch your readers attention and make them want to continue reading. Make sure that this sentence also gives as much information as possible without giving away too much at once.

Article Writing Homework Help

Article Writing Homework Help

Helpful Tips When Writing an Article

Article writing can sometimes be difficult, but follow these tips when writing your article :

Be interesting:

If you do not have any good ideas for what you would like to write about, try looking around your home or school. What are some everyday tasks that people need help with? What makes a room or area in your home look different from another room or house? Do you have any pets, plants, insects, fish etc.? How can you make your pets’ life better, and what things do they enjoy doing?

Be organized:

If you are writing an article about how to tie shoes, list the steps needed to complete this task, starting with step one after the grabber sentence. When introducing each step, give specific instructions for them as well. Even though this is not a formal essay, try keeping paragraphs within reason when writing. Breaking up large chunks of text will make the reader easier by providing breaks in reading.

Research the topic:

If you are writing about how to tie shoes, it is important to know how to tie your shoes. You should try different methods of tying your laces so that you do not give away incorrect information (please do not hurt yourself in the process).

Know your audience:

When writing an article, it is important to know who will be reading your paper. Is this for a school assignment? A class project or part of a group presentation? This is the audience you are trying to attract, and by knowing them, you will know what kind of language they use. Make sure that your wording, spelling, grammar and punctuation are appropriate for this audience.

Avoid plagiarism:

You must know that plagiarism is the stealing of another authors words and using them as your own. You will lose points off your paper and most likely will not have a happy teacher if you use another author’s work as your own.

Be honest:

While writing this article, it is important, to be honest about what you are saying. If you do not know how to tie a shoe, say so, but try looking up more information on tying shoes or asking someone that might help with this assignment. Just remember that honesty goes a long way, especially when completing an article or any other task in general.

Proofread carefully:

After completing your article, read it over again and look for spelling errors and areas where you maybe went off on a tangent. It is very important to proofread thoroughly before handing in this assignment because articles are short essays. They must be free from mistakes. Also, try reading backwards if possible (a lot of people have spell check now, so it doesn’t affect them, but others may not have access to this technology).

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