Argumentative Essay Writing

If you’re in college, you’ll likely be required to write an argumentative essay at some point. The question is, do you know how? If the answer is no, this blog post will help you out! Here are some tips and tricks for writing a successful essay on any topic. With these steps, I’m sure that your argumentative essay writing skills will come out great!

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of academic writing where the author presents and defends their point of view on an issue. Like many other types of essays, the goal in this kind of essay is to persuade your audience to agree with you through logical reasoning.

Approaches to Argumentative Essay Writing

There are two main approaches to writing argumentative essays: deductive and inductive. Deductive arguments start with a general assumption or opinion, then narrows down the scope of what is being argued for until you arrive at your thesis statement. Inductive arguments take the opposite approach by starting from specific examples/facts and reaching a more generalized conclusion–usually one that would not be found in any previous statements.

Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay Writing

Components of an Argumentative Essay

The Introduction

In the introduction of your essay, it’s best if you use some hook or grabber that will interest your reader enough to continue reading. This is because people don’t want to read boring details on arguments all day long – they’re looking for opinions, rebuttals and interesting facts! You can also set up the body of your essay by using transitional words like firstly (to indicate something coming before), secondly (to show contrast) and thirdly (to emphasize). You may also introduce any definitions necessary in advance so that there are no interruptions later in the writing process. For the body of your argumentative essay, you’ll want to utilize the three points mentioned earlier.

The Argument or Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes what you’re arguing in the rest of your paper. It’s best if it comes at the end of paragraph one so that readers can have an idea about what they’re reading and where this all goes. You should also make sure that whatever point-of-view you take is clear from her. People will judge them based on how well supported for evidence they seem to be later on down the line! If there are any major issues with logic or reasoning, then most likely those holes were made visible during this phase which means now is the time to fix them.

The body paragraphs

An argumentative essay has two-to-three body paragraphs. These should be the meat of your paper and where you summarize each point and provide evidence to back it up. Try not to stray too far off-topic or make any logical leaps that are unsupported by your reasoning because these will be much easier for readers to spot if there’s only one paragraph! As with any other academic writing, use specific examples from credible sources whenever possible (e.g., journals/magazines).

The Conclusion

In your conclusion, you’ll want to reiterate what was said in other parts of your essay and then sum up everything that has been discussed. Another good move is to include an appeal to action so that readers will feel as though they’re doing more than just reading about a topic. One can do this by combining statements like “Readers should take note” or “I urge my classmates.” It’s also possible (though not necessary) at this point to make predictions about how things might turn out if someone doesn’t act. For example: “If nobody takes care of our environment, future generations may have to deal with a polluted mess.”

Tips to Effective Argumentative Essay Writing

-The introduction should be engaging.

-It’s important to state your opinion and take a position on the topic you’re exploring. Doing this will help you avoid sounding like someone who is just “reporting” news or facts as they are (e.g., presenting an argument supporting things going well for children from low-income families).

-Evidence must come before opinions, not after it!

-Don’t forget about transitions between each section so that readers know how what comes next relates to the previous points.

-In the conclusion, you should end with an appeal to action because this is a persuasive essay – your goal is for readers to feel like they need to do something! And even if someone already agreed with what you said in different parts of the paper, it’s always good practice to remind them again here so that they’re sure about how important it is.

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Argumentative Essay Writing Help

Argumentative Essay Writing Help

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