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The subject of American History can be a difficult one. There are so many different events and dates to remember. It’s easy to get lost! If you’re struggling with your homework assignment or need some help understanding the material, this blog post is for you. We provide the best American History Homework Help that will make studying easier and more fun.

What is American History Homework Help?

American History Homework Help is a popular service that offers one-on-one American history homework assistance from masters level tutors to its registered customers. The primary aim of this service is to help students score impressive grades in their academic assignments and coursework by providing them with competent, accurate and timely homework answers online.

Why Do Students Need American History Homework Help?

Students who are enrolled in American History courses at the university and college levels often face difficulties when they try to write their own homework assignments. There are several reasons behind this; firstly, History is a vast field of study with numerous topics covering various eras and events – how can one expect students to be aware of everything that took place in the past? Secondly, even if students manage to gather the required amount of knowledge in time, they may fail due to a lack of skills or methods to organize all the data into a proper format for writing their papers.

American History Homework Help

American History Homework Help

Who Can Benefit from American History Homework Help?

American History Homework Help can help people from all walks of life regardless of their age, gender and educational background. The service welcomes everyone who wishes to get quality homework assistance online irrespective of their academic standing or personal preferences in terms of subjects.

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What Kinds of Services Does American History Homework Help Offer?

American History Homework Help provides a wide range of academic assistance services, including:

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In addition to these major assignment types, several other smaller assignments are available, such as summaries, book reports, or lab report help.

Topics Covered in Our American History Homework Help

American revolution:

The American Revolution was a long, costly and dramatic war of Independence fought by thirteen British colonies located on the Atlantic seaboard in North America. The main cause of this conflict was the opposition between the 13 American colonies and Great Britain regarding how much freedom each party should have to run their affairs.

Origin of the Constitution:

President George Washington played a pivotal role in the formation of the Constitution of the United States. When it came to the preparation of the first constitution, he was the one who gave guidelines and advice to other founders. James Madison completed the first draft of this constitution on June 18, 1789.

American Civil War:

The American Civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865 to emancipate millions of slaves from European slave owners living in America for more than 200 years. This war ended slavery completely and changed the face of American society forever. It is considered one of the most tragic events during the 19th century in America.

Civil rights:

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is major legislation outlawed segregation and discrimination based on race, color or national origin. Such rights were granted to African-Americans who had suffered for more than one hundred years at the hands of whites. Even though this event occurred fifty years ago, it is still regarded as a milestone in America’s struggle for racial equality.

Manifest destiny:

Manifest Destiny was a term used to describe the belief that Americans were destined to expand across North America. This idea played a major role in American politics during the mid-19th century. It gave rise to the Mexican-American war of 1846 and resulted in the acquisition of vast new territories.

Acts, treaties and doctrines:

There are many acts, treaties and doctrines that have an important place in American History. Some of them are The Declaration of Independence, Northwest Ordinance Act, Quebec Act etc.


Many presidents occupied the White House during its History. Some of them are George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson etc.

World war I and II:

World War I and II are two of the most tragic events that took place in American History. The former was fought between 1914 and 1918, while the latter was fought between 1939 and 1945. Their combined death toll is about 400,000.

New deal:

The New Deal was a series of economic programs that U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt undertook during the Great Depression. The main purpose of them was to assist Americans who lost their jobs and homes and aid other nations affected by World War II.

Important dates:

The most important dates in American History include July 4, 1776, May 13, 1861, and September 11, 2001. The first was the day when The Continental Congress proclaimed the declaration of Independence. The second date was when the Civil War started, whereas the third occurred after terrorist attacks on two New York City landmark buildings – World Trade Center.

Clash of cultures:

The phrase clash of cultures refers to a concept that summarizes how various cultural groups have conflicting values and beliefs regarding religion, politics etc. This sense reflects how different peoples approach such issues as freedom of speech or human rights violations differently depending on their religious beliefs.

American culture:

American culture has many aspects, including political development, arts and science initiatives. In general, it reflects how the people of this nation organize their life to enjoy a high standard of living.

American History Homework Help

American History Homework Help

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