Airtable assignment help

Airtable assignment help

Introduction to airtable assignment help

Airtable is an online tool for collaboration which is also a relational kind of database. Airtable is  extremely flexible. It can be used to manage work and track inventories as you organise them. Airtable is much different from other database system because it much alike to an app that anyone anywhere as long as you are online can learn to use, with simpler language, cool color schemes and helpful profile icons. Its customization is much extraordinarily simple. Everyone is talking about airtables nowadays as a user friendly spreadsheet apps that makes it easy to build a custom application without any strain over coding.

Airtable assignment help

Airtable assignment help

The user-interface of airtable makes it easy for users to do what they do in excel because of its spreadsheets nature. This makes it more convenient for them and lets them to do lot more. With airtable, it is like buying project management software that works with upgraded spreadsheet functionality.

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How to get started with airtables assignment

Airtables has applications on almost all platforms . There services also works on the web. Signing up for an account you need to have an email adrss and a password. After creating an account you can start creating spaces and developing databases, spaces are where you put database.

To build a database, you can start from template, build a database from scratch or omport data from somewhere helps. You will need CSV file if you are going to upload anything. The next step is customize your database airtables keeps this customization simple with friendly user interface that incorporates a lot of icons

The ability to create and save custom views in airtable is a key feature and one that supports collaboration. Airtables gives you an abundance of tools for filtering and sorting what you see at any given time. Airtable is simple and use of icon makes it easy to navigate airtable and start customizing views of databases. Even if you don’t have extensive knowledge of how to use spreadsheet software, airtables feels very approachable.

Difference of airtable from other common databases

Unlike other databases airttable is an online system where a team of working collaborators can store share and collaboratively edit information. Ideas, inventory, tasks etc. are the kind of information we are talking about.

Air table’s lets you manage databases rather than sheets, without going into a lot of detail in how spreadsheets differ from databases since databases are more complex. Airtable are more user friendly so being an excel expert is not mandatory for you to use it.

Airtables is accompanied with a helpful selection of templates, which may give you more ideas about how you can use it for instance air table have templates called media calendar, wedding planning, non-profit grant tracker product launch, and many others.

Its main core difference is that airtable is an online system for creation and editing of databases among a team. Airtables is nothing more than a set of things grouped together a good example is that you manage work such an updating articles on your site that need to be updated.

With airtable you can design the records for the database to contain fields for the name of the article, the original author, its URL its publication date, and so forth. Then you invite people into database to assign themselves work and tick checkboxes to indicate they are done updating an article.

Components of airtables

As per our writers research at we found that airtables has many features that make up their system. Those components are as follows

Database records

Airtable records can expand into full view to show all their detail without any page needing to reload or a new window opening. Expanded record can be edited or more details can added on it and so forth. To upload attachments, whether images or documents you can drag-and-drop them onto record. You can also link one record to another

Collaboration tools

Collaboration is important part of air table, but its limiting who can make changes to your database. When you invite your team members to creator can give them one of four levels of permission. First level is full access second is editor who can add delete and modify records while third is commentator only view and comment lastly, is read only access.

Automation and apps marketplace

This are the new features in air table. Automation allows or is simply writing “if this then that” conditions that automatically trigger actions. Apps are plugin-in features and functionality that you can add to your account such as grant charts.


Table contains a list of items of the same type like ideas and objects. Each base needs at least one table, and if your base is tracking different types of items, it will probably make sense to divide your base into multiple tables.


In airtable you will see three columns in your table: name, notes, and attachments. This columns are called fields, and they give you a structure in which you can put the details that are relevant to each recorded. Each field has a special  field type that determine what kind of rich information you can put in it like long text notes, drag and drop file attachments, check boxes, dropdown select options and more.


Pros of air tables

  • Easy to use. Using airtable is easy, The users of airtables find it easy to hiding and unhiding fields and even moving them. Filtering is easy and blocks can be used for bulk editing.
  • Great view options. In air tables every user has his own preferred view options depending on his work. Air tables allows user to change from grid appearance to form appearance. By doing so it means one can view projects as typical spreadsheets and can change into something similar to database.
  • Easily track projects. Airtable is also a project management tool. Therefore one of its strength is letting its users track the progress of their projects. It lets them see every department sales, marketing, and communication and the tasks they are doing.
  • It’s a complete software. Airtable works like a spreadsheet though it has its own disadvantages. It is also capable of attaching files. There are drop-down options as well as checkboxes among others
  • It has array templates. This is one of airtable strengths its array of templates and layout chosen from. There is enough to choose from for anyone prefer to use the built-in ones.

Cons of airtables

  • Unfriendly payment types. There are only three pricing plans by airtable free, and pro. This is similar to most software but airtables charges per user instead of per organization. This makes it more expensive than other similar online collaboration tools
  • Airtables lack communication solution. It iss possible to put comments on the individual data rows but there is no overall tab for general discussion. Having this helps saves time as users may skip hunting and sorting through a bunch of information.
  • Airtable lacks formula builder. In air tables users find formula building challenging though it is supposed to operate similarly with excel. Many prefer the software to have its own formula builder
  • Airtables have higher learning curve. Some users have reported higher learning curve for airtable for its not easy navigating the software for various reasons more specifically , the process of copy/pasting and highlighting cells is not easy as it is in excel.
  • It does not out-refresh. Users of airtables report that they add new recorded in a base, the base does no out-refresh. they would have to do it manually

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