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What is a Term Paper?

A term paper is an essay that you write on your own for a course or project. You might be assigned to read a book, analyze an author’s work, explore certain themes in literature, etc., and then present what you’ve learned in written form as either a long-form article or short story. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, we can help with any content at all levels!

Importance of a Term Paper

Term papers are a crucial component of many undergraduate courses. These essays measure your ability to research and synthesize information, as well as demonstrate the skills you’ve learned in those classes. Your grade can even depend on whether or not you participate in class discussions or turn in assignments on time! It is, therefore, essential to get the assistance you need to ace your term paper.

Steps of Writing a Term Paper

Every term paper will be different, but there are some general steps that all of them follow.

Select your topic carefully:

The first step of writing your term paper is to pick a topic. This can be difficult if you are assigned the work without having any say in what it will entail, but generally speaking, there will be some prompt or assignment for an instructor to give students when they enter their class. For example, one might ask you to write about a specific event at least ten years ago, while another course may require an investigation through interviews and surveys on different social issues among the population.

Find reliable sources:

After choosing your topic, find as many reputable sources as possible to back up your claims and information with facts. Use print resources like books, journals articles from periodicals or newspapers published in the last five-ten years (remember that more recent sources tend to be written with the most current information), interviews, surveys, and, if available, credible video or audio recordings.

Organize your findings:

Once you’ve done all of your research and gathered as many reliable sources as possible, it’s time for step two! Organizing is key in a term paper because this process will help ensure that every piece of evidence has been accounted for and allow readers to scan through your work without missing anything important quickly.

Create an outline:

Before beginning on the actual writing portion of your task, take some time to plan out what you want each section of content to include by outlining. This should largely be based on the topic selection prompt from before (i.e., what is the event you have been asked to describe?), but it’s also a great way to organize your thoughts before writing them down on paper.


Now that all of those steps are done, start writing away at the content for your term paper! You’re almost finished, and this part should be fairly easy with all of the time you saved by following these steps beforehand. Remember not to forget any important details or necessary citations when referencing other authors to avoid plagiarism accusations from professors looking out for cheaters trying to find an unfair advantage.

Formatting Your Paper:

Once written, some formatting rules need to be followed to avoid confusing readers and obscure meaning – especially if someone besides you is grading your work.

Ace My Term Paper
Ace My Term Paper

Elements of an Excellent Term Paper

Title Page:

This should include the title of your term paper, your name and course information, and any other pertinent papers or sources cited in this document that will be referenced later on during the writing process). You do not have to number pages if you don’t want to, but it’s always good practice for readers’ sake when they quickly flip through content looking for specific passages. There may also be some formatting rules set by instructors concerning how these pieces of information are laid out on each page – so make sure to check before submitting!


The abstract is usually located at the beginning of a term paper and is a concise summary of the rest of the work. This should be around 100 words for undergraduate papers or 250-300 words for graduate-level writing but check with your instructor to confirm that this length requirement is appropriate to avoid being penalized later.


The introduction sets up why you are addressing these issues within the text before moving onto anything else. In many cases, it can help set up an argument by presenting opposing viewpoints from other researchers so readers can see where they stand among them and how their arguments compare statistically. There’s no specific way to do an intro because there are many different ways people may feel about certain topics. However, generally speaking, it should include a brief overview of the problem you’ll be addressing as well as related research from other scholars to give readers a sense of where your work falls within this larger discussion.

Main Body:

The main body is what most people think about when they imagine term papers – and for a good reason! This section should include all of the information that supports your thesis statement and allows it to stand on its own two feet (i.e., cites specific pieces of evidence, quotes from credible sources, or interviews with experts). If any statistics are used in this portion, make sure they have been appropriately cited so their validity can’t be questioned later on down the road. Proofread carefully because typos are not only embarrassing but also often lead others astray from your otherwise sound argument.


The conclusion is designed to sum up what you’ve been talking about and show how it all ties back together. This will also include what you want readers to take away from this work instead of just presenting arguments without saying anything helpful at the end – so don’t forget! For example, you could ask them why they think certain things happened or whether they agree with your conclusions on a particular matter.


This section provides information for those who might wish to look into other research that supported some of your ideas or that you’ve referenced in your paper. When writing this section, be sure to list the author(s) and date of publication for any articles used as evidence – but only if they are not solely from a peer-reviewed journal (e.g., newspapers, magazines). It’s also helpful to include some information about where readers can find these sources themselves on something like Google Scholar or JSTOR, so they don’t have to go hunting around for hours to get more context behind what you’re saying!

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Ace My Term Paper
Ace My Term Paper

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