Do you need help with your dissertation? Dissertation is a long process, and it’s not always easy to stay on task. The good news is that Ace My Dissertation is available to work one-on-one with students to make sure that their dissertation is completed in the best possible way. We know that every student has different needs, so we offer various services tailored to your needs!

What is a Dissertation?

The dissertation is the capstone for any student in their academic career. It signifies a culmination of all learned and research leading up to this culminating project. The document must be completed according to specific guidelines set by each university or college, but usually includes sections about methodology, research design, how you analyzed the results, and what conclusions were drawn from them; it also mentions limitations on the study recommendations for future work.

What Is the Importance of a Dissertation?

The importance of a dissertation is that it shows the culmination of years worth of work. It can be used as evidence for future employment or pursuing higher levels within teaching and academia. To complete this project successfully, there are many things you need to take into account: research design, methodology (how did you gather your data), analysis & conclusions drawn, limitations on the study, recommendations for further studies.

What Does Ace My Dissertation Offer?

Ace My Dissertation offers help writing a dissertation from start to finish! We will meet with students one-on-one and create an original document according to what they have already written so far about their topic area – we’ll make sure that everything follows the guidelines/format of your university or college. The following are our services:

*Coaching sessions for individuals to stay on task, providing strategies for completing the work in the best possible way.

*Writing the dissertation according to guidelines set by your university or college. This is a full service, where we will work with you from start to finish, including all formatting and organization of the document.

*Dissertation proofreading & editing for students who have already completed their writing but want professional help polishing it up before submitting.

Ace My Dissertation: Experts
Ace My Dissertation: Experts

Elements of an Excellent Dissertation


This is the beginning of your dissertation – it summarizes everything that will be going into this document.


This section covers what you’re looking to explore in your research and why, including a literature review.

Methodology & Research Design:

What did you do? How did you gather data for your study? What analysis was done on those results? Who was involved with the process? This section goes over all these details about how the research was conducted and any limitations there may have been.

Analysis and Conclusions Drawn from Data Gathered:

Conclusions are drawn by analyzing the information collected during the data-gathering phase; recommendations for future work if applicable.

Limitations or Recommendations for Further Study:

Anything else we should know before reading the entire document.


Any additional information you may have that is pertinent to the study but does not fit within the framework of a full dissertation – this can be graphs, charts, or tables, for example.

Bibliography & Acknowledgements:

Everything in your references list and everyone who assisted with writing and editing your work should go here, including those thanked through acknowledgments.

References List:

All sources used throughout this research will appear alphabetically listed at the end of the document (not included in the main text of the dissertation).


This is a significant component of any successful document. It’s worth it to spend some time developing your formatting style – this will help make sure you create a cohesive, professional report that follows all guidelines set by your university or college.

Ace My Dissertation
Ace My Dissertation

Tips For a Perfect Dissertation

*Do your research:

The best way to stay on task is to know what you’re doing and why – find out as much about the topic area, methodology & any limitations that may be in place before getting started.

*Organize yourself:

It’s not enough to have a great idea for your dissertation – follow through with an organized plan of attack; this includes writing up a formal outline or creating specific word documents where all pertinent information can be stored.

*Stay motivated:

Challenge yourself every day by setting reasonable goals and rewarding yourself when those goals are met! Motivation will keep you from quitting at the first sign of difficulty.

Get it out of your head:

Keeping everything in your mind will lead to mental exhaustion – use a recorder, sticky notes, or some other method for recording thoughts and ideas so that they are clear before being written down.

Look at the bigger picture:

It’s very easy to get bogged down with all the details – take time periodically during writing/researching sessions to step back from what is happening right now and look at how this work relates to larger goals.

Benefits of Choosing Ace My Dissertation Services

We’re all about quality:

We use a freelance-based business model to work with you to complete your dissertation, meaning that every person who gets involved is invested and committed to the success of this project.

No one knows your work better than you do:

This means we listen carefully when it comes to what should go into your document – no need for lengthy discussions on formatting or other tedious details!

Dissertation completion guaranteed:

Our goal is to get the job done and make sure everything turns out exactly as planned. If at any point during writing/researching sessions there’s something that doesn’t sound right or needs more clarification, we’ll find someone else within our team who can take care of it so that you can keep moving forward.

We’re your one-stop-shop:

With a team of editors, writers, and researchers ready, we will provide as much or as little support to get this done – all with no up-front cost!

Other Features of Ace My Dissertation Services

Timely delivery:

We will work with you to meet deadlines, even if it means pulling an all-nighter!

Affordable rates:

We want this process to be as easy and stress-free for you as possible – that’s why we charge a flat fee for editing/writing services instead of per hour.

No hidden costs:

You only pay once the dissertation is complete. From there, we’ll provide samples of any revisions before handing your final document over so you can make sure everything looks perfect before approving the first draft.

Quality guarantee:

Our team is the only one that handles your work, from start to finish – no need for back and forth communication with other freelancers or third parties.

Highly qualified writers:

Whether you’re looking for someone who understands how to write a dissertation in the social sciences or is knowledgeable about writing engineering dissertations, we have someone on staff who can get this done right!