2024 Top CompXM Web Guide

Comp-XM is similar to, but distinct from, your previous experience in Capstone or Foundation courses. You are the company’s president and CEO. You will not be a part of a team; instead, you will be making choices on your own behalf. Comp-XM, like Capstone and Foundation, is comprised of a spreadsheet and a web-based interface. The section “6 Website Instructions” goes through the specifics.  The web interface in CompXM can be complicated and difficult to navigate. This article contains a guide on how to navigate the website without any problems. Are you looking for 2024 Top CompXM Web Assignment help? Worry no more! We got you covered!

 2024 Top CompXM Web Guide

2024 Top CompXM Web Guide


Comp-XM is divided into two parts: a four-round simulation and a series of web-based quizzes known as Board Queries. The simulation is divided into four rounds. Board Queries are questions that have been offered by your board of directors for your consideration. They are derived from the one-of-a-kind outcomes of your simulation. As a corporate representative, you might appear before the Board of Directors up to five times to answer their questions regarding your organization.

The Comp-XM Inquirer and the State of the Industry Fortunately, The Comp-XM Inquirer, an industry journal akin to The Capstone Courier or The Foundation FastTrack, has all of the information necessary to address the inquiries. A summary of the present situation of the biometric market is provided in the “4 Industry Conditions Report.”

Website Navigation

Log in to the website using the User ID and Password that you created during your last simulation session. Select Comp-XM from the drop-down menu. View the quick introduction video in the Welcome portion of the Getting Started section of the website. Check out the Sample Board Query in the About Board Queries section for more information. Continue reading through the following parts.

The Comp-XM Spreadsheet

Comp-XM Spreadsheet is available for download from the Getting Started section of the website

When you open the Comp-XM Spreadsheet, it will seem similar to how you opened the Capstone or Foundation Spreadsheet.

It is necessary to provide the same User ID and Password that you used to get onto the website. • The Comp-XM Spreadsheet needs an Internet connection since it receives your work from the website when it first opens and sends your work back to the website when choices are saved.

  • To log into the Comp-XM Spreadsheet, provide the User ID and Password that you used to log into your Capstone or Foundation simulation.

 The Control Panel

When you have finished with the Getting Started introduction, the system will take you to the Exam Dashboard, which is a place where you may access various activities and information, such as Board Queries and the web-based version of the Comp-XM Spreadsheet Answering Board Queries. Each round, you will be presented with a series of questions from your Board of Directors. You may answer the following questions before, during, or after making business choices for your organization (we suggest answering them before).

To answer Board Query questions, go to the Dashboard and click the Answer Board Query button. A new window will open, requesting that you authenticate that you are the person taking the exam; click I Agree. After that, a list of Board Query questions will appear on the left; a second link to the Inquirer will be available from this window; and a list of answers will appear below that.

  • For starters, select the appropriate Question Number from the left-hand column.
  • The associated question will appear on the right– questions will be true-false, multiple choice, or essay in nature (some multiple-choice questions require more than one selection).
  • You are not required to answer the Board Query questions in any particular order– each question has a point value for correct answers (you can receive partial credit for some types of questions) and a check mark if you have already entered your answer.
  • Provide an answer to each question.
  • If you want to alter the answer to a question, you may pick it again.

 Scheduling of Rounds

To view round schedules, choose the dates from the Dashboard’s Deadlines column and then click on them. For self-paced tests, only the final deadline is strictly enforced. If Comp-XM is not self-paced, the following message will appear on the Dashboard:

  • The date and time at which you may begin making simulation choices and responding to Board Query questions; and the date and hour at which simulation decisions and Board Query responses must be submitted.

Exams that may be completed at your own pace

The teacher sets a time limit for the self-paced mode, during which you make simulated choices and respond to Board Queries.

Self-Paced Exams

The Dashboard shows you how far you’ve come. Whether judgments have been posted in the current round, or how many Boards Query queries have been addressed, are just a few of examples. The ability to move to the next round will not be available to you until you have submitted a set of choices and responded to at least one Board Query question. In order to proceed from Round 1 to Round 2, you must do the following:

  • On the Dashboard, click the Advance to Round 2 button.
  • When a new page appears, click the button to indicate that you intend to go to the next round of the competition.
  • Changing your answers or judgments for a round becomes impossible after you have progressed to the following round of the competition (for example, after you advance to Round 2, Board Query 1 will no longer be available and you will be working on Decision Set 2).

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 2024 Top CompXM Web Guide

2024 Top CompXM Web Guide