2024 Top Best CompXM Help

2024 Top Best CompXM Help

Comp-XM is divided into two sections: A four-round simulation as well as a series of web-based quizzes known as Board Queries are included. Let’s take a situation whereby earlier this week, you were hired to lead the Andrews Comp-XM Corporation, the company’s newest spin-off from the Andrews Corporation. Andrews’ biometric sensor activities would be concentrated under a new publicly listed business under the umbrella of the unit. You are required to make the right decisions on the four rounds of CompXM. This article focuses on how to make decisions in different areas by giving examples. Are you looking for Top Best CompXM Assignment help? Worry no more! We got you covered!

2024 Top Best CompXM Help

2024 Top Best CompXM Help

Costs of Positioning

Positioning has an impact on material prices as well. The expense of technology increases in direct proportion to its sophistication. Beginning with $1.00 in costs for each edge segment of the Thrift segment, the trailing edge of the Nano and Elite segments have the greatest expenses, with $9.25 in costs per edge segment of the Nano and Elite segments at the outset of the simulation.

The following are the costs associated with material positioning: These prices change based on where the product is located on the perceptual map in relation to other products. At the start of Round 1, items positioned at the trailing edge of the Thrift segment would have a positioning component cost of $1.00; products placed at the leading edge of either of the two high technology segments would have a positioning component cost of $9.25; and so forth.

Costs of material components are decreasing by 3 percent to 4 percent every year.

The cost of positioning materials is decreasing by 3 percent to 4 percent every year.

  Mean Time Between Failures (Mean Time Before Failure)

The material cost increases by $0.30 for every 1,000 hours of dependability (mean time between failures). The dependability expenses associated with a product having 20,000 hours of reliability are $0.30 * 20,000/1000 = $6.00.

 Promotion and advertising

 Budget for Promotional Expenditures

At $3,000,000 for each product, promotional expenditures begin to provide declining returns. Promotion helps people become more aware of their surroundings. Every year, you lose one-third of your previous awareness. Your marketing budget restores lost recognition, and if the budget is large enough, it may even help you reach your goal of 100 percent public awareness.

When a product achieves 100 percent recognition, it requires annual marketing expenses of around $1,400,000 to keep it there.

 Sales Estimates Budgets

They are for sales are spent on segment accessibility. Despite the fact that you budget by product, each product that falls inside the segment’s fine cut helps to increase accessibility. When a budget of $3,000,000 is set aside for each product, diminishing returns are achieved. The section, on the other hand, does not experience diminishing returns until it reaches $4,500,000. In order to achieve 100 percent accessibility, you must have at least two goods in the segment’s fine cut. Every year, you lose one-third of your previous accessibility.

Your sales budgets will make up for lost accessibility, and if the budgets are large enough, you will make significant progress toward 100 percent access. When a section achieves 100 percent accessibility, annual sales budgets of around $3,300,000 are required to keep it running. Sales budgets also account for the amount of time spent by the sales team promoting the product to customers. The more the budget, the greater the amount of time the sales team devotes to a certain product.

This might be effective if you want to draw attention to one product over another within a certain section of the market. You may spend $3,000,000 on one product and $1,000,000 on another if you have a total sales budget of $4,000,000 that you want to divide between two goods. Your salesperson would place more emphasis on one product than on another.

The Manufacturing Process

Plants are being purchased. The cost of floor space for each unit of capacity is $6.00 per square foot. For each point of automation, add $4.00 to the total. If you want to add more capacity at a 10.0 automation grade, the cost per unit would be $6.00 + ($4.00 * 10.0) = $45.00.

Plant Sales (in millions of dollars)

When you sell a plant, you get $0.65 for every dollar you spent on it. Your profit or loss on the sale of the plant will depend on the depreciated value of the plant, and this will display as a profit or loss on the income statement. Comp-XM calculates depreciation using a straight-line technique over a period of fifteen years.

  Second Shift/Overtime Compensation

When a second shift is employed, or when the first shift works overtime, labor expenses rise by 50% on average.

 Robotics and automation

Labor expenses increase in a linear fashion as the level of automation rises. Labor expenses decline by roughly 10% for each degree of automation between a level of automation of 1.0 (lowest) and a level of automation of 10 (highest).



Currently, stock issuance is restricted to no more than 20 percent of the company’s total number of outstanding shares. When you issue shares, you must pay a brokerage charge of 5 percent.

  Current Debt

These are bank notes with a maturity of one year. Bankers will loan current debt up to around 75 percent of your accounts receivable (found on last year’s balance sheet) and 50 percent of your inventory for the current year, depending on business circumstances.

They make an estimate of your inventory for the following year based on the revenue statement from the previous year. According to bankers, your worst-case scenario will result in an inventory of three to four months, therefore they will lend you up to 50 percent of that amount.

This equates to about 15 percent of the combined value of previous year’s total direct labor and total direct material, which are shown on the income statement as direct labor and direct material. There are no trading fees associated with existing debt.


The interest rate on these ten-year notes is 1.4 percentage points higher than the existing debt rate in the year in which they were issued. It has been reported that bondholders are ready to lend up to 80 percent of the depreciated worth of the company’s plant and equipment, which includes the assembly lines. When you issue bonds, you must pay a brokerage charge of 5 percent.

Interest rates for companies with higher bond ratings are lower than for other companies. If your firm runs out of funds, you will be granted an emergency loan, which will be subject to a 7.5 percent penalty on top of the current debt interest rate (current debt penalty rate). Emergency loans are converted to Current Debt the next calendar year.

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