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Capstone is a sophisticated and complicated business simulation that teaches marketing, strategy, corporate finance and accounting, cross-functional alignment, competitive analysis, teamwork, and tactic and strategy selection in order to establish a successful, focused corporation. It has a number of functional areas, one of which being production. For each sensor model, the Product Department arranges manufacturing runs. In this post, we’ll look at the sensor industry’s production sector. The production has five lines at the start of the simulation, with potential for three more. Are you in need of 2024 Capstone Capsim Experts? Don’t be concerned! We’ve got your recovered!

2024 Capstone Capsim Experts
2024 Capstone Capsim Experts

Every production line is dedicated to a single type of sensor. Because the automation levels are different on each assembly line, one sensory cannot be moved to another. Furthermore, each sensor necessitates a unique set of tools. We’ll look at production as a functional unit in the sensory sector in this post.

The manufacturing department is responsible for a variety of tasks, including arranging the quantity of sensors to be manufactured based on Marketing sales estimates and taking into account unsold units from the previous year. It also makes capacity and automation enhancements to current assembly lines. It expands the number of assembly lines used in the production of new sensors.


The number of sensors that can be produced in an assembly line in a year with an eight-hour shift is referred to as first shift capacity. There are two shifts, each with its own capacity and wage structure. In the second shift, an assembly line can produce up to twice as many sensors as in the first, if not more. For example, if a production line can generate 2,000,000 units per year in the first year, it can produce up to 4,000,000 units in the second year. Wages on the second shift are 50% more than on the first.

Each new unit will cost $6 per square foot plus $4 multiplied by the automation rate. The production spreadsheet will automatically calculate the cost and display it on the screen. It takes a full year for a capacity expansion to take effect. If you raise it this year, it will go into effect the following year.

When capacity is sold for less than the depreciated value, money is lost, and this is reflected in the income statement as a write-off. If the capacity is sold for more than its depreciated value, a profit is made on the transaction. On the income statement, the action will be recorded as a negative write-off. Capacity can be sold at $0.65 per dollar invested at the start of the year. However, in coming years, the money will need to be replaced to full capacity.

Liquidation instruction is the process of selling all of an assembly line’s capacity and inventory at a price that is half of the average cost of production. Your income statement reflects the loss. If everything but one unit of capacity is sold, the inventory is not liquidated, and the capacity can be offered at full price.


On a scale of one to ten, the degree of automation is indicated. The lowest level of automation is 1 and the highest level of automation is 10. All of the assembly lines have an automation level of 3 to 5 at the start of the simulation. As the level of automation rises, the number of labor hours required to produce each unit decreases.

Because there is less automation, a level of automation of 1 represents the greatest labor expenses. A score of ten reflects low labor costs and high automation. Each additional point of automation cuts labor costs by about 10%. When the level of automation reaches ten, the reduction rate reaches ninety percent.

The following are two aspects of automation that should be considered:

Automation’s price tag

Automation is extremely costly. Automation from 1 to 10 points, for example, costs $36 per unit of capacity at $4 per point.

As the rate of automation rises, R&D will find it more difficult to move sensors over small distances on the Perpetual Map. For example, if a 0.7 product on the Perpetual map takes much longer with an automation level of 8 than it does at 5, then the automation level of 8 is significantly higher. Long moves of more than two distances are unaffected. Although a sensor can be relocated over a great distance, the project will take 2.5 to 3 years to complete.

Automation is Changing

The corporation will be taxed $4 per unit of capacity if there is a point of change in automation, either up or down. If a line had a capacity of 1000000 units, for example, raising the automation level from 5 to 6 would cost $ 4,000,000. It costs money to reduce the cost of automation. The cost of retooling will be billed if automation is lowered. As a result, you’ll end up paying money to make your plant less efficient.

R&D designs can be completed faster with less automation. Reducing the level of automation is not a sensible idea. Any automation-related change will take a year. If a change is made this year, it will be implemented the following year.

  • In the Capstone spreadsheet, how to get to Production.
  • Select the Decision option from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the following fields for each sensor:
  • Timeline for production
  • Capacity increases for the first shift (put a positive number in BuySell Capacity)
  • Reduced first-shift capacity (use a negative amount in the Buy/Sell Capacity field)
  • Changes in the amount of automation (Enter a number in the New Automation Rating)

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2024 Capstone Capsim Experts
2024 Capstone Capsim Experts

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