Tournament and Footrace are the two types of play available in Capstone and Foundation. Choosing Tournament will provide you with a competitive environment in which participating teams will compete against one another. You should choose Footrace if you want to compare your firms on an even playing field, where each participating company plays against a shared set of computer teams. Are you looking for 2024 Best Capsim Foundation Experts? Worry no more! We got you covered!


Team Assignment Alternatives It is up to the instructors to determine whether: a) tournament players can form or join businesses on their own, or b) footrace participants can only create or join companies with a single participant, or c) footrace participants can only join companies with a single person;


Capstone and Foundation Tournament simulations may feature a maximum of six participating businesses per sector in the Capstone and Foundation Tournament simulations. Footrace simulations may feature anything from one to several hundred participating enterprises, each competing in a specific sub-industry. Companies that participate, use computers, and are inactive Companies in the Tournament are either controlled by players or by a computer, or they are set to be dormant.

There must be at least one participant in each Tournament business, as well as one computing firm. In Footrace, each sub-industry is represented by a single participating firm as well as at least one computer corporation. The remaining four businesses may either be turned to computer mode or to be inactive. Industries with dormant enterprises are precluded from consideration for the Top Ten Eligibility Lists.


The number of members in each firm might range from as few as one to as many as eight. Most teachers like to have three to six people per company, depending on the situation. This ensures that the task is distributed equally and that group dynamics are taught.


For tournaments with classes of 30 or less players, tournament users will often just need one industry. Users of tournaments that have bigger classes will need numerous industries. A single course may be created by grouping these industries together and creating a single timetable with a single set of optional tasks such as homework or peer evaluations for each industry. In the event that you have parts that need various schedules, you should create a new course for each schedule. If you have a big course with a single timetable, group all of the industries together into a single section. At this moment, participants are not allocated to specific firms.


The ability to activate new modules is available right now. When Industries is relaunched, instructors may also add or delete modules from their courses.

Take a look at section 3.4.4 Schedule Restart (Tournament) on page 11 as well as section 3.5.7 Restart Industries (Footrace Only) on page 13 for further information.

TQM (Total Quality Management) and sustainability are two terms that are used interchangeably.

Using the TQM (Total Quality Management)/Sustainability Module, businesses may allocate resources to areas that result in administrative savings, cost reductions, increased demand, or a reduction in the amount of time necessary for research and development initiatives. Companies will be able to invest in areas that are complementary to their existing strategy as a result of this. All aspects of total quality management and sustainability may have an impact on Balanced Scorecard assessments (see Top Ten and the Capsim Balanced Scorecard on page 19).

After the third or fourth round, we propose that the TQM/Sustainability module be included in the simulation. Start of TQM/Sustainability in Rounds 1 or 2 automatically disqualifies the industry/industries from consideration for the Top Ten list.

 Human Resources Module

The Human Resources (HR) Module presents possibilities to promote organizational learning and development as assessed by the Balanced Scorecard, which is utilized by the Top Ten Rankings to determine their rankings in various categories (see Top Ten and the Capsim Balanced Scorecard on page 19). We propose that the Human Resources Module be included in Rounds 2 or 3. Starting human resources in Round 1 disqualifies the sector or industries from being considered for Top Ten Eligibility.

Module for Advanced Marketing (Capstone Only)

The Advanced Marketing module delves further into the marketing mix by examining it via a range of different media and sales channels. Companies allocate their marketing budgets among five medium (print media, direct mail, web media, email, and trade shows) and three sales channels (direct mail, trade shows, and trade shows) (Outside Sales, Inside Sales and Distributors).

Labor Contracts and Collective Bargaining (Capstone Only) With the Labor Negotiation module, organizations may manage their own labor costs (while running the danger of a strike), or they can impose greater labor costs on their rivals. Labor Negotiations, in contrast to the other modules, is planned for one or more rounds, for example, a single negotiation in Round 4 or two negotiations, the first in Round 3 and the second in Round 6, depending on the situation.


Industry IDs are one-of-a-kind numbers that distinguish simulations from one another. Each course has at least one Industry ID associated with it. In most tournament courses, one Industry ID will be required for every 30 competitors. The suffix _000 will be added to the end of all numbers in the footrace business. During the formation process of each member firm, a sub-industry will be established and issued a unique suffix, such as 123. Please request that your participants register in the “master” Footrace industry, which has the suffix _000.

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