Wireless access point Assignment help

Wireless access point Assignment help


A wireless access point is a network device that transmits and receives data over a wireless local area network (WLAN). It is a device that allows users to connect to the Internet over a low-cost network. WAPs are the future of mobile phone networks. They offer seamless access to the Internet and will revolutionize voice and video calling. WAPs can also integrate with other applications like mapping, media servers and social networks. Most student find challenges with handling WAPs assignments, in case you find it difficult to work on your IDE assignment coursework visit assignmentsguru for help. We have experienced expertise in software engineering field to do it for you.

Wireless access point Assignment help

Wireless access point Assignment help

WiFi access points are common in homes, offices, schools, airports and many other places. They are further divided into two categories: 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/b/c Conceptually, an AP is like an Ethernet hub, but instead of relaying LAN frames only to other 802.3 stations, an AP relays 802.11 frames to all other 802.11 or 802.3 stations in the same subnet. When a wireless device moves beyond the range of one AP,  it is handed over to the next AP.

Wireless access point vs. wireless router

A wireless access point is a device that provides Internet connection to the users. A wireless router is a device that connects to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. Wireless routers are commonly known as Wi-Fi adapters in the United States, Australia, Canada, India and South Korea.

IEEE 802.11n is an improvement of 802.11g standard which will provide up to 300 Mbit/s of data transfer speed and support for up to 4000 MHz of frequency band . It will also support new higher network speeds of 5 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s which is 4 times faster than current standard of 2Gbit/s and 3Gbit/s respectively . It also supports IPv6 protocol for next generation networks . The specification was released on 12 April 2008, and

Typically, wireless routers are used in homes and small businesses where all users can be supported by one combined AP and router. Wireless APs are used in larger businesses and venues where many APs are required to provide service to support thousands of users. The number of access points needed will increase as a function of the number of network users and the physical size of the network.

Purchasing a wireless access point

It’s important to note that not all APs are alike, and not all products offer the same features and performance. Here are a few must-have features and capabilities that are of particular interest to enterprises:

Nondisruptive scalability – In the coming years, APs will be supported by Visual Studio for Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013. APs will have a modern look and feel across all platforms.

Dual Gigabit-Ethernet ports – Dual-radio APs in a dual-Gigabit Ethernet network should have two GbE ports to support the best possible performance for incoming and outgoing data.

Support for dense deployments – Although deployments that accomplish the same task in less than 1% of deployments is a great feat, many developers and architects were under the impression that this was how all Dense Deployments should be done.

Enhanced management functions – Management functions can be easily automated by using Artificial Intelligence in many departments. They also have the ability to increase throughput and reliability in certain areas, while decreasing the overall costs of ownership, which can be achieved through centralization..

802.11ax access points

802.11ax access points provide 802.11ac capabilities, but can also tell an Internet of Things (IoT) client how long to sleep before reconnecting to the network. For example, it might tell a smart thermostat that doesn’t generate a lot of traffic to shut off its radio for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds, waking up just once daily to send a temperature and humidity update, before going back to sleep.

When comparing 802.11ax vs. 802.11ac, other significant developments include:

  • When data is transmitted from a distant AP to a second AP, the first AP must be switched on and tuned to receive the data from the second AP. In some access points, this is accomplished by sending out several short bursts of radio signals at different frequencies. In other APs, the first AP would not switch on until all of its RF channels were in use at once.

  • Programmers using the GNU Radio must be aware of multiuser multiple input, multiple output protocols that can provide an improvement over their traditional processes..

  • A feature called basic service set (BSS) coloring, which deals with co-channel interference by adding a field to the wireless frame that overcomes issues associated with same-frequency cell coexistence.

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 Wireless access point Assignment help

Wireless access point Assignment help