Visual DSS Assignment Help

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What is Visual DSS?

Visual DSS is a tool that supports the visualization of relationships between data sources and dimensions to help analysts make sense of complex datasets. It enables them to trace how changes in one or more metrics feed into other views with different granularity levels. Visual DSS helps organizations identify potential areas for improvement, revealing insights about the root causes behind observed changes in data.

What are the Benefits of Visual DSS?

Visualizing relationships between datasets is a powerful way to help analysts make sense of complex datasets and identify potential areas for improvement. With this tool, organizations can see how changes in one or more metrics feed into other views with different granularity levels, revealing insights about root causes behind observed changes in data.

What is Visual DSS Assignment Help?

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Visual DSS Assignment Help

Visual DSS Assignment Help

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Modules Covered in Our Visual DSS Assignment Help

CAE Automation

CAE automation module covers the automation of DSS queries by providing tools that can be used to run an analytical process on data in the database. With CAE automation, users can create and modify iterative SQL statements for execution.

Project Workflow Management

The project workflow management module provides tools to manage data from source systems and project workflows for handling all related processes. It also manages the movement of data through transformation modules into a target system.

Simulation Content Management

The simulation content management module provides support for managing and executing simulations.

Data Modelling Tool

The data modeling tool in Visual DSS helps users build a real-world model, which can be used as an analytical sandbox or reference model, facilitating analysis on models rather than raw data sources. It also allows modeling by example by leveraging metadata from existing databases and datasets.

Data Preparation Tool

This tool supports transforming data into formats compatible with various data visualization tools such as Tableau Desktop (for interactive visualizations) or Excel Pivot Tables (exporting raw numbers). This is done through wizards, where you can make choices according to your needs at each step of the way. The Data Preparation Wizard will help guide you through choosing the appropriate transformation for your data.

System Integration Framework

The System Integration Framework allows you to create connections between the modules of Visual DSS. This framework provides a mechanism for administrators and users to add external applications, data sources, or other information systems by connecting them with existing tools in this toolbox.

Reporting Decision Support

Reporting Decision Support provides tools to help users build reports and export data for reporting purposes. These include the ability to search, filter/sort, group by field values or ranges of values, highlight records that meet specific criteria, such as a threshold value in any column within the dataset (or all columns).

Multidomain Compute Model Management

The multidomain compute model management module in Visual DSS helps you to create, edit and delete models. It provides the ability for users to add data sources (which may be from different domains), joining them together so that they can then run analyses on it.

Visual DSS Assignment Help Process

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