Titanic Movie Review

Titanic Movie Review

The Titanic movie is a masterpiece of human creativity and ingenuity. It’s an epic love story that has enthralled audiences for over 100 years, but there are some things you might not know about it. Here, we review the film, point out what we liked and didn’t like, and give you some background information to enjoy your viewing more fully. Ultimately, whether or not you like the movie will depend on your tastes in filmmaking. Keep reading to see if it’s your cup of tea! Request help from our tutors in writing a titanic movie review assignment!

Titanic Movie Review

Titanic Movie Review

What is the Titanic movie about?

The Titanic was a ship. It sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City in 1912 when it hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. Over 1,500 people died, but not one of them did so until after the ship had sunk because there were enough lifeboats for all passengers and crew members. The main characters are Jack Dawson, a poor young man, and Rose DeWitt Bukater, a wealthy woman traveling with her mother and fiancé on the Titanic as they emigrate to America. The film covers four days when Jack tries to woo Rose away from her wealthy fiance Cal Hockley and get her to run off with him instead.

This plot alone is pretty simple, but that’s not what makes it so appealing to people. In truth, the real story is about Rose and her journey. It’s a beautiful representation of human nature at its best- caring for others even if doing so hurts you personally- and at its worst: greed, foolishness, and selfishness. What are our overall impressions?   The acting in this movie was top-notch.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are well-known actors today thanks to their work together on Titanic. Both gave great performances, but DiCaprio especially showed that he has the potential to become truly one of Hollywood’s greatest actors of all time. We liked how Rose was portrayed as quite intelligent yet inexperienced; while she may have been sheltered from most aspects of life, she was not naive.

She knew well that Cal was proposing to her for her family’s fortune, and she realized the mistake as soon as she met Jack. What we didn’t like so much about this movie is probably what a lot of people would point out first: there just wasn’t enough action and drama for us. It focuses more on character development and less on thrills than many contemporary movies do. For this reason, some might consider it boring because it moves at a more measured pace than most films today, but others will appreciate its systematic approach to storytelling.

Casting and crew

Director James Cameron, who also wrote the script, won an Oscar for this movie in 1997 (the same year Titanic was released) for Best Director.  He has since directed such films as Alien, Aliens, The Abyss and Avatar.  He won a second Academy Award for writing the story of Titanic. Cinematographer   Russell Carpenter is another crucial player in making this film because he shot it using a new technology that allowed him to film at lower depths than had ever been done before; this made the scenes below water look incredibly realistic.  Celine Dion sang My Heart Will Go On, written by James Horner and lyricist Will Jennings, and she did an excellent job with it!


The movie was primarily filmed on sound stages in Los Angeles, including the ship itself, which took three months to build and cost $10 million. While filming, it rained a lot in LA, so some very wet sets had to be dried or fixed each day before shooting could begin again. They also shot scenes at the Titanic Historical Society’s museum site in Atlantic City and Nova Scotia, Canada and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (which they used to depict 1912 New York). The film was dedicated “In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice:   100 years ago today” — an attempt by James Cameron to link this movie with actual history.

We did not like the filming locations because they keep showing the rescue boats, but no one ever talks about what happened to them! We found out later that most of them had been destroyed in various accidents over the years. This seems strange because if they were so bad at rescuing people at the time, wouldn’t they have tried to fix this after seeing it happen?  The Titanic sank almost a century ago now. While certainly advancements have been made since then regarding shipbuilding and safety regulations, there are still many ships currently operating that do not have enough lifeboats on board for everyone aboard.

The budget was around $200 million, making it one of the most expensive movies ever made. This was worth it when you consider how this movie had the highest box office gross of any other film until Cameron’s next movie came out. This was in keeping with its high production values:

Highlights for us included watching them set up shots using a camera on a wire to get perspectives that otherwise couldn’t be achieved (one example is Rose standing at the bow and looking down at Jack while they are talking).  The acting from all concerned, especially Kate Winslet, was excellent. We thought it added a lot when you hear Cal tell Rose about his fiancée back home instead of seeing her – one can imagine how much prettier she must have been since he didn’t describe her or show any pictures!

Our thoughts on the movie

We would give this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, but only because it didn’t have as much action and had a more modern feel than expected. However, the characters and locations came alive and could make you feel like you were there in 1912, except for the part where they kept cutting to people watching the movie!

We found it particularly interesting that the ship’s speed through the water during part of its journey was faster than what we were told on our tour of the wreck in 2012. James Cameron confirmed this when he said:  “We know now from forensic history [of the actual sinking] that they made 25 knots – which is a sprint for a ship – when they started to turn around.”  So the Titanic might have broken records as well had it not hit that iceberg.

And we did find that the Titanic was designed so well that it was possible to spend lots of time on board without knowing where you were. The movie’s running time is 194 minutes, which may be a bit too long if you’re not used to watching movies, but even if you skip some scenes and don’t watch the extras, it would still be worth your while watching this masterpiece!

One thing that bothered us was how many times Rose survived being underwater on an air pocket — once, she even held her breath for almost three minutes!  For some reason, they never showed or explained when she finally ran out of air, only that everyone else around her already had died from lack of oxygen (even though Jack was hardly further away than she was).

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