Strategic planning in Capsim Simulation

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Strategic planning in Capsim Simulation
Strategic planning in Capsim Simulation

Capsim has been used to explore many different strategic questions. The most popular are the following: Should we pursue cost leadership or differentiation? Should we focus on customer acquisition or retention? How should we allocate our resources? The idea of strategy is to create a plan that can lead to a successful company. Strategy has been implemented in the field of business and economics for centuries, but it seems like it is becoming more popular in the field of marketing.

In business, simulation is used in strategic management. This can be done by using a simulation program that automatically creates an entire market and generates randomness for the user’s desired market size. It also provides specific data on demand without requiring user interaction. Simulation in this way is being seen as an alternative to traditional planning methods because it permits flexibility when predicting future outcomes.

In marketing, simulation can be done through creating a virtual world where marketers have control over what their audience sees and experiences when they visit a website or interact with an advertisement online.

Capsim simulation is an analytical tool that is used in strategic management where the strategy options for a company are determined by managers. The use of Capsim simulation in strategic management helps to give managers, entrepreneurs, and senior executives insight into the decisions they need to make. It provides data about how these decisions affect the company’s capabilities and performance. Some companies use CapSim simulation to help them make decisions with greater clarity. For example, IBM uses it in its global supply chain management.

Strategic decisions in the Capsim simulated business

In business, strategic decision making is one of the major drivers of  profitability, growth and sustainability of the enterprise. You cannot pass a single level of the capsim simulation competition without making wise decisions. Strategic decision making incorporates all the critical factors of the business and uses them to come up with consolidated business decisions. Some of the critical factors include financial resources, production capacity, the accounting records and marketing mix.

Strategic management mostly focuses on the coordination of the several business segments to maintain the firms’ market share and to stay ahead of its competitors. The process of strategic management is also tailored to nurture the growth of the company. In capsim simulation strategic management, participants must make decisions that do not jeopardize the growth of the company in the long run. The management must also be ready to face the reactions of the competitors.

In a market where there is  cut-throat competition, the rivals scrutinize and respond to any market moves through counter offers. Therefore, the strategic management plan should clearly outline the process of responding to the counter offers so that the business remains relevant in the market.

Understanding Customer Needs

The first step to enterprise success and market expansion is understanding the customers’ tastes and preferences. A firm that ignores this vital aspect ends up in a complete fiasco. The management has to keep up with the changing customers perspectives and strive to serve their needs within the capacity of the firm. In strategic decision making, managers must identify the best combination of alternatives which favor the customer retention plan.

strategic plan in capsim simulation

In order to make the right strategic goals, the management should have a strategic plan. A strategic plan is a document that is mostly compiled by management as a planning tool for the business. The strategic planning process helps the management to establish their targets, performance direction and implement necessary policies that yields the desired results.

The process also aids in setting long-term standards and objectives which improve management and employees’ output. The management must take into account both the external and internal factors of the business when developing the strategic plan. They must consider the internal framework such as employees, internal operations and external factors such as customers, competitors and suppliers.

In capsim simulated business, the strategic plan acts as a clear map to achieving the initial business goals. The goals should focus on business growth, achieving a competitive edge in the market and overall business performance. Achieving these goals translates to excellent grades for students. Since the capstone software reports your performance after every decision period, you must develop a plan and review it periodically to suit your business performance.

Components of the strategic plan

The strategic plan is derived from a series of events that begin by establishing the mission of the company which reveals the ultimate purpose of the company, setup of strategic goals and developing policies to ensure that formulated objectives are met. The strategic planning team performs a SWOT Analysis of the business by identifying its current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats .

The plan intends to maintain the strengths such as a large market share or competitive advantage in the market. It purposes to minimize weaknesses by devising ways of turning the weaknesses into new opportunities. The plan is futuristic because its main goal is to set standards and forecast future performance. It outlines future potential business niches and how to take advantage of the arising opportunities by reducing the potential threats.

Strategic Planning Goals

The strategic plan should be written in a simple language that even the customers understand. An effective strategic plan should present a clear picture of the mission, vision and the business growth strategy. It should also provide the action plans in case of any unforeseen changes to the business environment and how to withstand the potential challenges that would arise when implementing the strategic plan.

The strategic planners must establish SMART goals and meaningful objectives that rhyme with the mission and vision of the business. The goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The tactics for achieving the plan must be well outlined and the necessary resources allocated to cater for the planning and implementation process. The strategic planners must educate the employees on the goal setting process, the objectives and policies set.

They must also develop action plans to enable the employees and management to achieve the objectives in the strategic document. The strategies should focus on market expansion, customer satisfaction and increasing the shareholders’ value. The goals and objectives should also enhance operational efficiency, cost control and revenue growth.

Benefits of a Strategic plan

The strategic plan is a communication tool that outlines the current state of the business, the direction it is heading and how the destination would be achieved. The plan must address the following questions; what is the purpose of the business? To what extent has the business achieved its purpose? And what extra efforts should be implemented to achieve the purpose.

The senior managers must take full charge of the entire setup process and the implementation process to enhance the effectiveness of the strategic management tool. However, they should also involve employees and business partners in this crucial process to enhance brain storming of ideas and to create a common pool of undisputed goals and policies.

The collaboration of efforts enables the management to prevent resistance from employees who might view the strategic plan as an undermining tool to their prowess. It also helps them to understand the strategic direction of the business and the reason for certain policies that would be imposed on them. Furthermore, the strategic plan might serve as a motivation tool to employees by providing for incentives on performance improvements. Performance appraisals can be held after implementation of the plan to identify and reward the best performing business units, departments and employees.

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