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What is Strategic Management?

Strategic management is the process of planning, organizing and leading a company into the future. It encompasses everything from strategically allocating resources to maximize profits, managing people for optimal productivity, thinking globally to take advantage of emerging markets opportunities, and defining an organization’s culture by developing its values and mission statements. A strategic thinker must also be keenly aware of the competition and be able to anticipate their moves.

Benefits of Strategic Management

-Improved productivity

-Increased revenue and profits

Lower costs with increased production levels may lead to an increase in employee numbers or better wages due to benefits from new opportunities created through strategic management. This could also result in decreased prices on products offered by this company as well.

Strategic Management Assignment Help

Strategic Management Assignment Help

Why do I Need Strategic Management Assignment Help?

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Process of Strategic Management Covered in Our Assignment Help

The process of strategic management involves the following steps:

Goal setting: The first step in the process of strategic management is goal setting. This step involves identifying what you want to do and why it’s essential for the organization or company.

SWOT analysis: Once goals are set, a SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis must be completed. This will help determine the strengths and weaknesses within an organization to be tackled with plans made accordingly.

Formulation of the strategic plan: This step involves deciding what steps will be taken to reach company goals and how these actions must work together for successful execution.

Implementation plan: After determining any necessary changes needed based on these analyses, an implementation plan needs to be developed, including how all adjustments will occur over time. Lastly, continuous monitoring must be continuous, so things don’t slip back into old habits once they’ve been changed as agreed upon by everyone involved.

Strategy Monitoring

Strategy Monitoring focuses on the following points:

-Proactive monitoring of progress made towards goal attainment.

-Monitoring how the implementation plan is being carried out.

-Continual evaluation of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, which are updated with each new piece of information learned by a manager or strategic management team member.

-Analysis of any opportunities that may arise.

Divisions in Strategic Management

Strategic Management Has Two Primary Categories:

-Long term strategy, and

-Short term tactics.

Their differences are as follows: Long-term strategies usually focus on the company’s big picture goals, which will take months or years to accomplish, while short-time plans are completed in weeks. The long time strategy considers various aspects that may span over several years, while the short term requires creating specific objectives with clear deadlines for each goal.

These points need to correspond with one another, so they work together towards achieving the same result. Long-term strategic managers tend to have more resources available than those who maintain shorter timelines because making changes from month to year creates differing outcomes based simply on timing alone. Short-term plans have a higher potential for success because they are more likely to be successful when there is less analysis of the risks involved.

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