Persuasive Essay Online writing 

Persuasive Essay Online writing 

Writing a persuasive essay is a tricky business, and doing it well can take time. An excellent persuasive essay needs to get someone to accept an idea, but it does not have to be significant or grandiose. It could simply be convincing someone that they should clean up after themselves instead of leaving their trash on the floor or throwing gum on the ground. Hire our expert writers online to help you write your persuasive essay writing.

Online Persuasive Essay writing

Online Persuasive Essay writing

Persuasive essay writing should get you thinking about what your purpose is and why you are writing it. Once you have decided on a topic, the next step is to gather information for the persuasive essay used as evidence.

When searching for persuasive essay topics, there are several areas where they may be found: issues in the community or local area, current events, and opinions of others. If you choose to use an issue in your community or the local area, that would be a perfect place to start because people will know precisely what it is about when reading your essay. The same goes with news articles regarding current events; those can also work well since they will already have some background knowledge on the subject at hand.

The Five-Step Writing Process for Persuasive Essays

 There are five steps to writing a solid and compelling essay that will convince your reader to agree with you.

Prewriting for the Persuasive Essay

The first part of prewriting is to brainstorm. Brainstorming means that we put down on paper everything that comes to mind regarding the topic. This should be done without criticizing ourselves or editing anything we write down, at least not yet.

This will get us thinking about different aspects of both sides of an issue that can help us decide what needs to be included in our essay and what should be left out because it does not make sense or could confuse the reader. From there, take a piece of paper and make two columns; one labeled Pro and one labeled Con. In these columns, you will list every point you have come up with related to your persuasive essay topic.

Drafting the Persuasive Essay

Next, we will go through what we have listed and put them into an outline format. This is the first time we edit, so to make sure that we keep our essay clear and easy to follow, it may be a good idea to use a ruler or one of those plastic templates that grid out your paper; this makes it easier for us when writing the essay because having straight lines helps with making sure that all of our sentences are correctly placed on the page.

When putting our essay together now, keep in mind what you want others to believe and how you plan to show them why they should agree with you. Here is where taking notes can help because it can sometimes be hard to see the big picture when concentrating on having all of your sentences in order as you write your essay.

Another thing to keep in mind is to choose examples that will help back up what you want other people to believe; one way is by choosing an example from a close friend or family member who agrees with you entirely; another option would be if you have personal experience with the issue at hand, such as being homeless yourself or growing up poor. Whatever the case may be, make sure that the examples you use are relevant and believable because they will most likely be used against you later if someone decides they disagree with your point of view.

Revising the Persuasive Essay

Now that we have finished our outline, it is time to review what we have written so far. This is the stage where you read through your essay and make sure that everything makes sense. Also, at this point, it would be a good idea to get someone else to read over your work as well because if they find something that does not make sense, they can let you know before you start typing up your persuasive essay with us. If any errors are found at this point, it will be much easier to fix them now than when we type the paper in.

If the person or people reading through your draft of the essay agree with all of your points, then move on; if they feel that there needs to be more details and examples that support your idea, then it would be a good idea to add those in now.

Editing the Persuasive Essay

Now it is time to go back through and edit our essay. This can be done in a couple of ways; I usually do it by printing out the draft that we have written on regular paper, then writing what changes I would like to make right next to each sentence or paragraph, etc. Then when you are finished with your edits, change what needs changing on the computer version of the paper and print it off so that you have one final draft.

Another option for editing is online proofreading tools. With these proofreading services, you can send in your essay after you’ve edited it yourself. They will go over it for any spelling or grammatical errors and make sure everything makes sense and flows properly. I usually do this because if I am paying someone to proofread my papers, they are more likely to find any errors than if I were doing it myself.

It is a good idea when you are editing your persuasive essay to leave some time between the first draft stage and the final draft stage so that you have enough time to go back over what you have written so far and make sure that everything makes sense consistently as well as making sure that you did not forget anything in your outline from earlier that should be included in your final draft.

Once we have finished our edits on our essay, we will want to format the paper correctly. There are specific guidelines for how your essays must be formatted for them to be accepted.

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