Capsim games are classified into numerous categories. Capsim foundation, Capsim competition, and Capsim global DNA are all part of the Capsim family. Specifically, this article will discuss Capsim’s foundation, as well as Capsim’s competition with both high-tech and low-tech market segments in general. Continuing with the Capsim competition theme, we will look at four segments: low end, traditional, high end, size, and performance in a future article. Wondering how to win capsim 2022? We are here to help you.



This Capsim help desk will give you with Capsim’s best strategy, Capsim cheats in pdf format, a Capsim strategy plan, and Capsim simulation advice to help you succeed in your simulation. Please keep checking back as we will be providing you with tips and past decisions that were used to earn 850 or more points. This page gives capsim help round 1, and it makes an attempt to answer the majority of the questions posed by individuals seeking assistance on Reddit. Do you require additional capsim articles? To gain access to a plethora of useful capsim materials, please click here.

Capsim Strategies to win 2021

With only two divisions, high tech and low tech (in Capsim), it is necessary to employ a differentiator strategy when dealing with the company’s products. One of the goals of this capsim strategy plan is to provide high reliability, superior positioning, performance, and an optimal age. This capsim strategy also necessitates strong marketing in order to achieve high levels of awareness and accessibility as quickly as possible. If you are having difficulty understanding the capsim method, we are here to assist you. Please contact our experts you have any questions.

Research and development decision

When it comes to products in the low-tech market, the emphasis should be on providing products with ages that are close to three years. During the first two years, you should also concentrate on putting the company at the junction of the low-tech and high-tech markets before introducing new items into the high-tech market. Introduce a new product in the high-tech market category at or around the number one.

Capsim marketing cheats 2021 round 1

When it comes to marketing, the goal is to raise as much exposure and accessibility as possible as quickly as possible. This will ensure that the company maintains a competitive advantage over its competitors. Every year, a product loses 33 percent of its awareness, and investing $1000 will increase awareness by 22 percent, while spending $2000 will increase awareness by 55 percent.

When it comes to accessibility, a company having a large number of items in a given segment is more likely to achieve greater accessibility than a company with a single product. As a result, the goal is to release new items as quickly as possible in order to achieve a larger market share through increasing accessibility as quickly as possible. Forecasting is one of the key decisions that will determine the success or failure of your capsim organization. Forecasting can be done in a variety of ways, and different strategies will be employed depending on the level of competition. The following is the formula we use to predict the future.

Potential sales are calculated as follows: last year’s sales multiplied by (1 plus segment market growth rate) plus 150-inventory, 150 are additional units that you anticipate selling at the expense of your opponent as a result of making a better selection. Depending on the segment, this figure can vary. For example, with low-tech, you might compete solely on price, estimating that pricing less will result in greater sales. Because the high-tech segment has a small market size, it is possible that sales variance may be lower. As a result, you might only have 80 points instead of 150. The variance unit also contributes to the prevention of stock outs. Points are deducted if the stock is depleted.

Capsim finance decision round 1

When making financial decisions, compare them to a balanced scorecard to ensure they are correct. The balanced scorecard should be able to tell you how many different types of funding should be used in your situation. There are two important measures to look at: leverage and days of working capital in the bank. It is preferable to have working capital days ranging from 30 to 90 days. Any financial operations that raise current assets also increase the number of days that working capital is available. Long-term borrowing, the issuance of stock, and the sale of capacity are examples of such activities.

Working capital, on the other hand, is diminished as a result of any operations that reduce current assets while increasing current liabilities. Among these actions are the retirement of stock and debt, the issuance of short-term debt, and the payment of dividends. When making financial decisions, keep in mind that you will lose points if you do not maintain a sense of balance. Short-term debt and long-term debt are both necessary for obtaining a high leverage point ratio. Increased debt, on the other hand, leads to higher interest rates and, thus, reduced profitability. Consequently, the ideal decision is the one that results in the greatest number of points, because there is a potential of both losing and earning points regardless of the decision taken.

What about round 2 and others?

You must be able to read your competitors and alter your strategy dependent on how competitive they are in the next round of competition. Always remember to make accurate forecasts and to avoid overestimating. It is overestimation that leads to the need for emergency loans, and it may cost your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace.