Agile Software Development assignment

Agile Software Development assignment


Agile software development is similar to that of agile software development in that projects are laid out on an iterative basis. A project start date serves as the milestone, which on completion serves as the milestone — so a project always returns to focus at significant points. Ideally, each iteration ensures that no framework or tool is used more than once, ensuring flexibility for any potential change in Agile software development requires a cultural shift in many companies because it focuses on the clean delivery of individual pieces or parts of the software and not on the entire application.

Agile Software Development assignment

Agile Software Development assignment

Agile is still young & growing. It’s not that much different from other software methodologies. One thing it does do very well that there are many other software methodologies don’t do so well: Automate endless repetitive tasks and simplify decisions and activities of the team. The use of Agile in the workplace results in better overall performance throughout the organization. When you use Agile software development, it is important to make sure the process works in keeping with the vision of the business. There are many ways to do it but one of which is for teams to test their feature proposals in Product Backlog items so that if the required features are not needed in future releases they can be removed. The creation, construction and testing phases of

Agility, along with its evolution from waterfall, continues to be a very popular methodology for software development. But application development is moving towards DevOps and Agile methods are being superseded by these new technologies.

The four values of Agile

The four core values outlined in the Agile Manifesto are:

Individual interactions are more important than processes and tools. People drive all parts of the process. Systems should focus on enhancing people’s everyday lives. People are the most important part of development and should be valued above tools, processes and tools. There are various approaches to AI coders. We are currently operating on multiple fronts with AI-driven multi-OS coders, which means that the applications can run on different platforms whilst still providing true cross platform compatibility of code..

A focus on working software rather than thorough documentation. Before Agile, a large amount of time was spent on documenting the product throughout development for delivery. The list of documented requirements was lengthy and would cause long delays in the development process. I started to write this doc in Python and stripped away everything superfluous. I did it to streamline the process for myself for writing software tests, but I’m sure you’ll find this approach useful in other domains.The Agile Manifesto continues to place value on the process of documentation, but it places higher value on working software.

Collaboration instead of contract negotiations. Agile focuses on collaboration between the customer and project manager, rather than negotiations between the two, to work out the details of delivery. Collaborating with the customer means that they are included throughout the entire development process, not just at the beginning and end, thus making it easier for teams to meet the needs of their customers. For example, in Agile software development, the customer may be included at different intervals for demos of the product. However, the customer could also be present and interacting with the teams on a daily basis, attending all meetings and ensuring the product meets their desires.

A focus on responding to change. Traditional software development used to avoid change because it was considered an undesired expense. Agile eliminates this idea. The Agile methodology allows an increase in productivity and efficiency when further iterations are made. This means that it is possible to easily react to changes in the project by altering them in an iterative manner. This requires people to understand tools like Scrum and attempt similar situations when available, helping them posit ways of improving the software based on what they’ve learnt about their process thus far, Overall, Agile software development believes change is always a way to improve the project and provide additional value.

The 12 principles of Agile

The Agile Manifesto also outlined 12 core principles for the development process. They are

  1. Satisfy customers through timely and quality delivered work

  2. Break big work down into smaller tasks that can be completed quickly.

  3. Recognize that the best work emerges from self-organized teams.

  4. Provide motivated individuals with the environment and support they need and trust them to get the job done.

  5. Create processes that promote sustainable efforts.

  6. Maintain a constant pace for completed work.

  7. Welcome changing requirements, even late in a project.

  8. Assemble the project team and business owners on a daily basis throughout the project.

  9. Have the team reflect at regular intervals on how to become more effective, then tune and adjust behavior accordingly.

  10. Measure progress by the amount of completed work.

  11. Continually seek excellence.

  12. Harness change for a competitive advantage.

The Agile software development cycle

The Agile software development cycle can be broken down into six steps: concept, inception, iteration/construction, release, production and retirement.

The first step, concept, involves the identification of business opportunities in each potential project as well as an estimation of the time and work that will be required to complete the project. This information can then be used to prioritize projects and discern which ones are worth pursuing based on technical and economic feasibility.

During the second step, inception, team members are identified, funding is established and the initial requirements are discussed with the customer. The timeline should also have a line itemized schedule that describes the expected completion date for each task. A sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

The third step, iteration/construction, is when teams start creating working software based on requirements and continuous feedback. The Agile software development cycle relies on iterations — or single development cycles — that build upon each other and lead into the next step of the overall development process until the project is completed. Each iteration typically lasts between two to four weeks, with a set completion date. The goal is to have a working product to launch at the end of each iteration.

Advantages and disadvantages of Agile

Much has been compared over the years with Agile versus Waterfall approaches.

In the Waterfall era of software development, coders worked alone, with little to no input before handing the software to testers and then on to production. Bugs, complications and feature changes either weren’t handled well, or were dealt with so late in the process that projects were seriously delayed or even scrapped.

The idea behind the Agile model, in which everyone — including the business side — stayed involved and informed in the development process, represented a profound change in both company culture and the ability to get better software to market more quickly.

Collaboration and communication became as important as technology, and because the Agile Manifesto is open to interpretation, Agile has been adapted and modified to fit organizations of all sizes and types. The Agile cultural shift also paved the way for the latest software development evolution, DevOps.

On the other hand, many would say the biggest disadvantage of Agile is the fact it has been modified — some would say diluted — by many organizations. This phenomenon is so widespread that the “Agile my way” practitioners are known as “ScrumButs,” as in, “We do Scrum in our organization, but ….”

Although Agile opens up the lines of communication between developers and the business side, it’s been less successful bringing testing and operations into that mix — an omission that may have helped the idea of DevOps gain traction.

Another potential concern about Agile is its lack of emphasis on technology, which can make it difficult to sell the concept to upper managers who don’t understand the role that culture plays in software development. Furthermore, the necessity of completing sprints on time can create a stressful work environment for software developers. They may be forced to work extra hours and stay late in order to meet deadlines.

The history of Agile

Computers have now made it possible to bring a level of computing power into the home that is nothing short of stunning. This means that your household furniture can now store a lifelong record of you and your family’s lives, as well as such modern conveniences as robot maids and robot music players. The new consumer demand accelerated innovation and businesses were met with the challenge of meeting customer desires that were constantly changing. The rigid methodologies that had previously ruled the SDLC couldn’t deliver software fast enough or effectively answer to changing requirements throughout development.

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Agile Software Development assignment

Agile Software Development assignment

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